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WORDS ARE POWERFUL BUT PREPOSITIONS ARE OFTEN DISMISSED AS BEING OF LITTLE CONSEQUENCE. Prepositions Are In Fact Very Important Words That Are Made From Few Letters, Often Only Two. Little do people realize relationships hinge on small matters, and a preposition is often thought of being a small word.

Harry Riches
Happy RichesAnswer requested by Diane Shatto

The word “to” and the word “for” are prepositions. Prepositions are very important words because they always indicate relationships.

Unfortunately, many people tend to overlook the significance of prepositions. Maybe this is why relationships are a problem in most people’s lives and there is so much disrespect, aggression and violence in this world that we live.

The preposition “to” is used to indicate the direction a person is heading, how one thing relates to another or the fact something is likely to happen. For instance: “I am going to Heaven.” “I look to him for advice.” “I am looking forward to having a pity party with fellow fiends as we suffer our eternal punishment.”

You will notice that when using the preposition “to” in “I look to him” we have need of a reason to make complete sense of the statement. In which case, an indirect object is required, such as the prepositional phrase “for advice”.

The preposition “for” is used to indicate the purpose of a thing. For instance: “Words are used for encouragement and enlightenment.” Or, “The standard is used for measuring compliance.” Hence, the idea of the Bible being written for us, includes the connotation of purpose.

To say that “the Bible is written to us” is actually, in my view, an incorrect use of the preposition. The correct usage, I would say in the context of the grammatical construction, would be the sentence “The Bible is written for us.”

The word “to” although expressing a relationship between “the Bible” and “us” is inferring that the power is in the Bible and not the writer. The sentence, “The Bible is written to us from God” would be more acceptable. Or even, along the lines of “The Bible was written by inspired writers to the people inhabiting the Earth.” Or: “The words contained in the Bible were written to the Jews and the Gentiles.

While it is true that there are unnecessary words used that do nothing to contribute to the meaning of a sentence, words are very important. Those who understand that in the beginning was the Word and the importance of this, are ahead of the pack. In fact, Jesus even said that if you believe what you say will happen, it shall come to pass (Mark 11:23). This indicates the importance of words. But we humans tend to speak rubbish, so what we say brings about nothing of worth—which probably explains why the idea of junk DNA came into being.

Anyhow, for the perceptive, the significance of what I have written is found in Genesis, chapter eleven, verses one and six.

Words Are Extremely Important, Especially The Only Words Written By God

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