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PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO TRUE EXPERIENCE ARE VERY OPINIONATED AND THIS SHOWS WHEN IT COMES TO THE RESURRECTION OF THE DEAD. People Who Have Met The Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ Have No Doubt About The Resurrection. God is able to do anything for He created the Universe after all.

Why Do People Claim That What Is Written In The Bible To Be The Truth When It Clearly Is Not True, Because Scholars Such As Acharya S. Have Proven This To Be So.

Harry Riches Happy Riches answers question requested by Anonymous

Truth is purely something that people agree upon in many instances. For instance, if you agree the black shall be called "black" and provide a description by which it can be defined, and other people accept that definition, it becomes a truth.  For example, we will define "Black" as "the absence of light". Everybody concurs. If anyone disagrees with the definition, that person is ridiculed.

Say I come along and say that black is not the means by which we are able to possess knowledge of light. 

Immediately all those who have accepted the previous definition scoff that I do not know what I am talking about. I show them evidence. They still scoff. Some people do not want to know the truth because they want to believe only what they want to believe: what they previously accepted to be true.

Objectivity is one thing. Subjectivity is everything. Each one of us may claim objectivity in our worldview. However, our worldview is subjective because of the fact we are the ones who develop it. We are reliant upon the data by which we are informed. We are restricted to our method of interpreting that data. Our worldview is limited and conditional upon our experience of our environment, upon which we rely for our information.

Nevertheless, we understand what objectivity means, so in order to be objective we develop measuring devises that become standards that are accepted as final.

If we possess no objective means by which to measure something, we have no way of settling a dispute.

The Ten Commandments are an objective means by which a dispute can be settled, providing we understand what they mean. Many people mouth them, although, I have yet to meet a Christian who can quote them verbatim. Most feel they have no need of them. Therefore they build a life without any true guide such a moral plumb line or spirit level by which to measure their actions. In which case, justice goes begging.

If we are talking about justice and truth and we rely upon secondary sources and do not verify for ourselves that those sources are true, then we are easily mislead.

Millions of people testify to Jesus having risen from the dead. They are primary sources, not secondary sources. They only become secondary sources when someone else quotes them. However, if you speak to the person who claims that He has a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ, then that person becomes a primary source,. This is why testimony is accepted in court.

If the person is a false witness, that person is a liar. People who know Lord Jesus Christ have remarkable changes occur in their lives. They cease from doing evil deeds, not from fear of being caught, but because they love God.

The Bible itself testifies to this and explains why Jesus died, why He rose from the dead, and why we need to personally seek Him out.

Not to seek Jesus earnestly and yet proclaim the testimony of others as false is being deceptive to oneself and reveals a desire for falsehood and an abuse of one's own integrity (which from that point on ceases to exist).

However, if we seek Jesus out, and leave no stone not upturned in doing so, but do not discover Him, then we can proclaim that he is a myth. Until such time, we only fool ourselves.

Any person who preaches against the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ without having upturned every stone in their search for the Creator of the Universe is being fallacious in his or her claim.

JESUS is ALIVE. I have met Him.

Now whether you ever get to meet Jesus or not, like I said, this depends upon your integrity. I did NOT meet Jesus reading the Bible. But after I met Jesus, I learned that my experience with Him is what the Bible declares that we are to expect. Only after I had met Him, did I begin to read about Jesus in the Bible.

I have what everybody needs and I know how I received it.

Whether people listen to me or prefer to listen to those who have only theories or beliefs that they believe in (e.g. God is dead), that is up to them. We all have freewill, even if many like to claim that we do not.

The BIBLE states that Jesus says that if you want eternal life (or even the satisfaction of life--which unless it is eternal life is not life) you have to seek Him out. What has your friend got to offer answer of how to prevent death or overcome death....gobbledygook...or something else.

By the Way, the Bible is written mostly by people using primary sources, the writers in most cases are witnesses to what happened, or they are recording the accounts of eyewitnesses.

Luke states that he sought to discover eyewitness testimony for his account of the Gospel. But he was an eyewitness of much of what is reported in the book of Acts, if not all.

Your friend Dorothy (if she was your friend) used secondary and tertiary sources and therefore is disqualified as true seeker for truth. She rejected outright primary sources (archaeological evidence) to which she was referred, preferring her myths.

As for your logical fallacy about many people believing something, I was speaking about people not believing but experiencing the baptism of the Holy Spirit or actually meeting Lord Jesus Christ.

You see, while what you stated is true when it comes to the fallacy of the doctrine of the theory of evolution, and many assumptions made unnecessarily by atheists to promote a dogma and appear scientific, there is a difference when it comes to experience.

Death is a real killer. Just ask Dorothy Murdock (aka Acharya S). But then in her case, she had is no longer around and she had nothing to offer anyway. She was just an egoist who had a high opinion of herself.

I am absolutely delighted I know Lord Jesus Christ and possess the assurance of eternal life with an inexplicable JOY that abides inside me.  First hand experience, this is what counts. The gratitude I have is really inexpressible, as it will be eternal, even though I am filled with thanksgiving now.  Just because many people write books, this does not mean the information contained in the books is true.

Truth Is Available For All Who Desire To Know It, But Not For Know-Alls.

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