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INTROVERTS LEARN TO READ THE BIBLE AS WELL AS EXTROVERTS. Not Everybody Is An Introvert And Neither Is Everybody An Extrovert. Both types of people can read the Bible. However they will probably see the message within the Bible differently.

Harry Riches
Harry Riches Answer requested by Jules Opeth Manson

The Bible is a record of God’s dealing with humans written over centuries for the benefit of those who would like to know the truth. Those who would not like to know the truth can scoff and criticize and tell people how great an IQ they have as they look in the mirror. The reality is they always feel pain when people insult them. Yet there is no physical evidence of bruising. So their claims would have to be false, if we applied “the seeing is believing” idea to their circumstances.
  • Introversion: The direction of, or tendency to direct, one's thoughts and feelings toward oneself.
  • Extroversion: Interest in, or behavior directed toward, others or one's environment, rather than oneself.
The difference between introverts and extroverts is a matter of what one desires to know, if we are to accept the above definitions. If a person knows nothing, then looking inside oneself is going to be a vain exercise. But an inward looking person could be someone who really is thinking about what can be gained from another person for self-benefit rather than seeking mutual benefit.
  • Do not eat the bread of a man who is stingy; do not desire his delicacies; for he is like one who is inwardly reckoning. “Eat and drink!” he says to you; but his heart is not with you. You will vomit up the morsels which you have eaten, and waste your pleasant words. (Proverbs 23:6-8)
Many people think they are introverts, but in fact they are not totally introverted. Often they are individuals who think they are introverts, but if they had not heard of the word, they would not be thinking of themselves as introverts. In reality, they are individuals who feel insecure within (as do many who are perceived to be extroverts because they overcompensate) and who have not established good relationships where they have learned to communicate freely and feel accepted.

Most people’s problems have to do with what has happened when they were children and how they were treated by their mothers. If a mother loves her child and comforts her child, her child learns to be self-accepting and finds it easier to reach out to other people. Children who are mistreated find it difficult to relate to other people because they are conditioned through the internalizing of insecurities. Although, even if children find themselves a later stage exposed to a hostile social environment, this can cause feelings of being unwanted. This can cause a person to later wrongly think he or she is an introvert.

If any person desires to be loved and have the capacity to feel free to love other people without abusing them in any way, then reading the Bible should not be a problem. However, reading the Bible and not asking the Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, to show you the truth is the same as a spectator of a ball game yelling out that they could do a better job than those who are highly skilled professions and calling them fools.—How often have I heard ignorant fools, who cannot overcome death, claim they could to a better job of creating the Universe than the Omniscient Creator.

If a person is a real introvert, that person is a selfish individual who is not a giver, and does not want to give, but is someone who seeks to take from other people in some way rather than share, or desire to share, in a mutually beneficial manner.
The Bible is written for those who mourn; for those who desire the truth; for those who feel inadequate; for those who hate evil; for those who are willing to be merciful to others; for those who desire justice; for those who are responsible; for those long for security; for those who hate futility; for those who long for satisfaction.

An inward looking person is not really interested in truth, justice, mercy, faith or the love of God. But if anyone is interested in desiring to know the truth; longs for justice for others; is willing to show give other people another chance; is prepared to reach out to others in the hope of sharing something wonderful; longs for the love that is missing in this world; then for that one the Bible is worth reading. Besides, such a person could not truly be a complete introvert, especially if the person desires to reach out and communicate with others.

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