Friday, July 10, 2015


Science Proves God Exists

When we read the Bible seeking to know the truth, you can only conclude God exists. The conclusions formed by the scientific explanations within this video, Simulation Hypothesis, verify that what the Bible says is true. God exists.

Unfortunately, most people read the Bible and interpret it according to their belief system. If you do not believe God exists, you have already have formed your views.

If you are not sure that God exists, but are looking for evidence, you have a stronger chance of discovering Him. You can now be scientific.

If nothing else matters and you want to know whether Jesus Christ rose from the dead or not, then cut your losses and burn your bridges, for you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Like me, you will discover the joy of the Almighty and learn the secrets of Universe. Ice and the mind of God are infinite. On the other hand, the Universe is finite and exists within the Infinite One; as described in the beginning of the book of Genesis and alluded to when the Apostle Paul says, that within God we live and move and possess our being. The question is though, does He live and move and have His being within you, or are you merely a black hole just waiting to be realized when death strikes at the final bell.

The Bible states that after death comes judgment. That judgement will be one of two things:

  1. You loved darkness rather than the light because you refused to come to Jesus Christ, the Light of Life, the WORD of LIFE, the WORD OF GOD.
  2. You came to the light in this life because your desire was to do good and have a relationship with the Lord God, Creator of Heaven and Earth.

You get to choose!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Queen Elizabeth On The Throne That Safeguards The Freedom Of Men

The Isaeli Shimon Perez honors Queen of England as the one who stands at the head of the cradle of democracy and safeguards the freedom of men

249 Country Codes in the ISO Standard List
Have you ever been filling out an internet form, and had to choose from a suprisingly long list of countries? You were probably looking at the international standard "country code" list, officially known as ISO 3166-1. Many companies and other organizations adopt this standard list rather than having to compile one on their own. The standard also includes convenient two-letter codes for each country, like us for the United States, de for Germany, and jp for Japan, which you might recognize from web addresses specific to those countries.

This ISO standard is based on an official list kept by the U.N....but then why on Earth are there 249 country codes? That's way more than the total number of U.N. member and observer countries! Well, the standard list does leave out some breakaway states not recognized by the U.N., but it does list dependent territories separately from their mother countries. So there are country codes not only for actual countries, but also for nearly-independent states, overseas territories, uninhabited islands, and even Antarctica! This is important because you might need an option for every place that any person is located, and dependent territories often aren't technically part of the countries they belong to.

U.N. Member Nations: 193
U.N. Observer States: 2
States With Partial Recognition: 2
Inhabited Dependent Territories: 45
Uninhabited Territories: 6
Antarctica: 1
Total: 249 different Country Codes

Queen Elizabeth heads 54 countries as part of the Commonwealth of Nations and is Queen of 16 Countries, which technically means she owns them. 

Queen Elizabeth II addresses the United Nations (while sitting on what looks like could be her throne of the globe).