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Dead People Attend Dead Churches And Wonder Why Vistors Think They Are At A Funeral For The Dead

The Focus On Death
In many churches that I have attended, I could not understand why they were always talking about Jesus being on the Cross and the people were at the foot of Cross. For years, I was puzzled why there was such a focus on the death of Jesus rather than His resurrection.  I found it rather odd for churches that were anti-Roman Catholic having a focus about Jesus being on the Cross. I would walk into the churches and mention the empty Cross and the church pastor or elder would tell me that the reason the cross was empty is they did not believe in idolatry. Yet when it came to partaking of the bread and the wine , the focus was on the death of Jesus.  Even the preaching would focus on the death of Jesus.

The Broken Body
Another thing that puzzled me was these people would have communion and talk about Jesus’ body being broken for them on the Cross of Calvary. I found this very confusing, because in the Bible we find that the body of Jesus was not broken. This is what the Bible states:
Therefore the soldiers came, and broke the legs of the first, and of the other who was crucified with him; but when they came to Jesus, and saw that he was already dead, they didn’t break his legs. However one of the soldiers pierced his side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out. He who has seen has testified, and his testimony is true. He knows that he tells the truth, that you may believe. For these things happened, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, “A bone of him will not be broken.”   Again another Scripture says, “They will look on him whom they pierced (John 19:32-36 World English Bible)
Taking Up The Cross
A third matter that also puzzled me was people would often talk about being at the foot of the Cross instead of being on the Cross. The reason this puzzled me was Jesus said:
He called the multitude to himself with his disciples, and said to them, “Whoever wants to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me. (Mark 8:34 World English Bible).
What It Means To Be Crucified
The implication is that if we were to follow Jesus, this also meant to be crucified with Him on the Cross and not just come to the foot of the Cross, look at Jesus crucified and walk away. For when we are baptized in water, we are supposedly baptized into the death of Jesus. This is what the Bible says:
Or don’t you know that all we who were baptized into Christ Jesus were baptized into his death?  We were buried therefore with him through baptism to death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, so we also might walk in newness of life.  For if we have become united with him in the likeness of his death, we will also be part of his resurrection; knowing this, that our old man was crucified with him, that the body of sin might be done away with, so that we would no longer be in bondage to sin.  For he who has died has been freed from sin. (Romans 6:3-7 World English Bible)
Remaining At The Cross
Instead of hearing about people experiencing a new life and being happy every day, which is what is sung in the chorus of the hymn At The Cross, the opposite is found, where people are coming to the foot of the Cross and complaining about being still in their sins. The chorus for At The Cross is said to be good theology. This is how it goes:
At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light, And the burden of my heart rolled away,It was there by faith I received my sight, And now I am happy all the day!
This is a hymn that I have enjoyed singing. Only I would always change the words to “on the cross” rather than “at the cross”. This is because my theology is not one of being at the cross, rather it is one of being on the cross.  And when I would think of the words of the chorus, I wondered why it was that the people sang the chorus without considering why it was not a reality in their lives. 

The Joy Of Salvation
You see, at all these congregations I have attended that sang this hymn, what also puzzled me was the manner in which these were sung. Instead of joyous, contagious singing, that sounded like life was worth the living, the hymns were sung as if the people were at funeral and they were very sad. This what the Bible says concerning those who know the Lord God:
Those ransomed by Yahweh will return, and come with singing to Zion; and everlasting joy shall be on their heads. They will obtain gladness and joy. Sorrow and sighing shall flee away. (Isaiah 51:11 World English Bible)
Instead Of Error There Is Truth 
The teaching and practices of these churches seem to be contrary to what the Bible actually teaches:
Instead of Jesus’ death being the focus of communion and the preaching, the Bible teaches that the resurrection should be the focus.
  • Instead of Jesus’ body being broken on the Cross, the Bible teaches it was only pierced.
  • Instead of being at the Cross, we are supposed to buried with Jesus, having been crucified with Him.
  • Instead of being sinners who cannot help but sin, those who are buried with Christ cease from sinning.
  • Instead of attending a funeral and singing a dirge, those who are saved attend a resurrection and sing with joy.

If you are attending a church that teaches contrary to what the Bible teaches, and are satisfied with its practices, then you obviously do not want to know the truth and be set free so that you might begin to experience the resurrection life.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Deception Of The Dogma That I Will Have Nothing Known Among You Expect Christ And Him Crucified

Are You Genuinely Seeking The Truth?

If we are genuinely seeking the truth we question all things, especially those that do not sound right. To do this, we are told is an intellectual pursuit and not a heart-felt pursuit of truth. In fact, many will people tell us to hang our hats at the door when we attend a meeting, and in so doing, we forget to take out brains out. For some reason people seem to disengage them when it comes to sitting down on a chair in a lecture hall or listening to a politician speak from the party for whom they vote or a preacher of the denomination they attend.

In the book of Isaiah, there is a scripture informing us we are to reason with God. This is what the scripture states:
“Come now, and let us reason together,” says Yahweh: “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow. Though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.
Is There Only One Scripture That Refers To Reason?

Many people say that because there is only one scripture in the Bible that clearly states we are to reason with God that engaging our capacity to think is of little importance. Yet when we the scripture from Isaiah, it is obvious that God wants us to appreciate our position in relation to Him in that we are sinners and He has taken what  was causing us to hemorrhage our blood, stop it and clean up the mess that we have made of our lives.  Now it makes sense that if we have the capacity to reason, then we are not creatures  who cannot reason. In the book of Jude we read about people who do not reason but function from instinctive. This is what Jude states:
 But these speak evil of whatever things they don’t know. They are destroyed in these things that they understand naturally, like the creatures without reason.(Jude 1:10 WEB)
The natural understanding of man does not take into account that we did not ask to be born or that being born to die is futile. But the reasoning man begins to think about why he is here or why there is so much suffering on Earth. The natural understanding of man is darkened by the god of this world and therefore accepts that everybody is nothing but a chicken and does his best to survive by climbing as high as possible in the pecking order.  The spiritual man begins to think like an eagle and see things that the chicken who is content to pick grubs from the ground cannot see.

When we being to ask questions and seek answers, we are doing what God expects us to do: exercising the capacity to think as to what is good and what is evil. Ideally, God would have us develop a hatred of evil. In fact, when we read the book of Hebrews, we find that people, who have acknowledged Lord Jesus Christ, as having died on behalf of their sins and having rose from the dead, are expected to become teachers because they have learnt how to exercise their faculties of reason to discern good from evil. This is what we read in the book of Hebrews:
But solid food is for those who are full grown, who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern good and evil. (Hebrews 5:14 WEB)
To discern good from evil requires us to have the faculty to do so. We usually refer to this as our intellect or our brain. Sometimes we refer to the mind of a person, rather than the intellect or the brain, to indicate that this belongs to somebody who is demonstrating sound thinking or if not, the loss of the mind, as in: he has lost his mind.

Paul Crucified With Christ

Now let us use our powers of reasoning and have a look at the following text:
When I came to you, brothers, I didn’t come with excellence of speech or of wisdom, proclaiming to you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know anything among you, except Jesus Christ, and myself crucified.  I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling.  My speech and my preaching were not in persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  that your faith wouldn’t stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God.  We speak wisdom, however, among those who are full grown; yet a wisdom not of this world, nor of the rulers of this world, who are coming to nothing.  But we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, the wisdom that has been hidden, which God foreordained before the worlds for our glory,  which none of the rulers of this world has known. For had they known it, they wouldn’t have crucified the Lord of glory. (1 Corinthians 2:1-8)
Did you notice anything odd about that text?  The Apostle Paul is the person writing this. Essentially, we would have to agree that he would have nothing known among the people except the power of God in Jesus Christ and that he himself is crucified with Lord Jesus Christ.

However, verse 2 reads a little different in most versions of the Bible, stating:
For I determined not to know anything among you, except Jesus Christ, and him crucified.
Instead of Paul being crucified with Christ as implied by the context, this verse  when stating “except Jesus Christ and Him crucified” seems to be a misfit and does not quite fit the context.  Either something is wrong with the translations and an error has crept in along the line or there has to be some major significance for this blatant misfit.

Is The Gospel About The Resurrection Or Jesus' Death?

What the verse appears to be saying is that nothing else matters other than Jesus Christ being crucified. The problem with this is that if Jesus was not raised from the dead, our faith is in vain and there is no gospel message. There is just a message of Jesus Christ crucified on the cross and this mystery is the wisdom of God. Essentially, the message is no different to that of the mystery cults. However, we know this is not the case and the Apostle in writing to the Corinthians later states:
 If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain, and your faith also is in vain. …For if the dead aren’t raised, neither has Christ been raised.  If Christ has not been raised, your faith is vain; you are still in your sins. (1 Corinthians 15:14,16-17)
When we consider that the Apostle Paul is saying that unless Jesus Christ is raised from the dead, his preaching is in vain. Something seems to be amiss in respect to him saying that he would have nothing known among people except Christ and Him crucified. Don’t you think?

Has The Devil Found A Way In To Deceive?

The truth is there is a little sleight of hand going on. And this is due to the experience, understanding and perceptions of those who are doing the translation from Greek into English. For when we go to the Greek and have a look at what 1 Corinthians 2:2 actually says, we find the reason that this inconsistency within the translation exists.

The words we need to consider are:  καὶ τοῦτον ἐσταυρωμένον. The transliteration of the Greek reads: kai touton estauromenon, which in English means: “and this one having been crucified”.  So the verse could be translated “For I determined not to know anything among you, except Jesus Christ, and this one having been crucified.”

The King James Version Lexicon[i]  informs us:
touton  too'-ton:  this (person, as objective of verb or preposition) -- him, the same, that, this
Had Paul used αὐτοῦ instead of  τοῦτον  to read, καὶ αὐτοῦ ἐσταυρωμένον, this verse would have been translated,  “For I determined not to know anything among you, except Jesus Christ, and he himself crucified.”  

In this case, there is no ambiguity; the reference would be a direct reference to Jesus Christ as the one meant to be crucified. However, he did not, and because of this, the translators have erred a little to put in their preference rather than what it really ought to say in respect to the context.

[As stated above, translators will translate according to their perceptions if there is a possibility of some variance.And we should always bear in mind that the original manuscripts do not exist only copies of copies. But this is not a problem for us who are born of God and baptized in the Holy Spirit for He will lead us into all truth, if this is our desire.]

Paul is really saying, in the context of the text, that he is being crucified along with Jesus Christ, who has been raised from dead, and even though he is weak in his own crucifixion, he is putting his trust in the power of God. Hence, we read the following and it makes complete sense that this is the case.

When I came to you, brothers, I didn’t come with excellence of speech or of wisdom, proclaiming to you the testimony of God. For I determined not to know anything among you, except Jesus Christ, and this one [meaning Paul] having been crucified. I was with you in weakness, in fear, and in much trembling.  My speech and my preaching were not in persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, that your faith wouldn’t stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. We speak wisdom, however, among those who are full grown; yet a wisdom not of this world, nor of the rulers of this world, who are coming to nothing.  But we speak God’s wisdom in a mystery, the wisdom that has been hidden, which God foreordained before the worlds for our glory, which none of the rulers of this world has known. For had they known it, they wouldn’t have crucified the Lord of glory.

In respect to the word  ἐσταυρωμένον,(estauromenon) which is the perfect passive participle of σταυρόω (stauroo), Helps Word Studies informs us:
– to crucify, literally used of the Romans crucifying Christ on a wooden cross. "Crucify" (σταυρόω /stauróō) is also used figuratively of putting the old self to death by submitting all decisions (desires) to the Lord. This utterly and decisively rejects the decision to live independently from Him. [ii]
The  Bad News Of The Deceptive Message

What all this means is that many people take a verse out of context from the Bible because it appeals to them and they then make a dogmatic assertion that this is the basis of their belief or the motivation for their convictions. Over the years among Evangelicals and Calvinists, on numerous occasions, I have heard people misquote this verse, which is already misleading, and say, “I will have nothing known among you except Christ and Him crucified”.

Once a misconception enters into a person’s thinking, this becomes a stumbling block for continuing in the truth. Instead of people realizing that they need to actually be on the cross, because the translators have erred, to emphasize their belief that Jesus died on the cross, but do not understand the resurrection experience in their own lives, they have put a stumbling block in the lives of many other people.

The Truth Always Sets Us Free If We Want It

 However, if a person, like myself,  truly wants to know the truth, then erroneous teaching is no major issue, because we see the error of our ways, and as the Amplified Bible[iii] elaborates regarding the spiritual man, we examine, investigate, inquire into, question, and discern all things. This is why the Lord God invites us to come and reason together with Him. Only the truth will set us free.

Jesus said that if we continue in His word, we will know the truth and the truth will set us free. The truth is not men’s theology. The truth is the experiential Word of God at work in us in the power of the Holy Spirit, as we humbly allow God to place us on the cross and raise us out of our sin.

[i] The King James Version New Testament Greek Lexicon is based on Thayer's and Smith's Bible Dictionary, plus others. It is keyed to the large Kittel and the "Theological Dictionary of the New Testament." Public Domain.
[ii] copyright © 1987, 2011 by Helps Ministries, Inc. Used with Permission
[iii] Joseph P. Lightfoot. (Bishop of Durham — Died  21 December 1889) Notes on the Epistles of Saint Paul. From unpublished commentaries London: MacMillan and Co. 1895. 

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Amazon Plays Dirty Or Is Just One Of Its Employees

At the beginning of February, 2015, I had eight books for sale on Since then I have removed those books from sale because Amazon has not removed all the reviews of serial spammer and Calvinist preacher, John B. Carpenter PhD. Either this is their policy or there is an employee who delights in seeing false reviews being endorsed as most helpful customer reviews.

John B. Carpenter PhD runs the Baptist Bible Covenant Church at Yanceyville in North Carolina  and has been spamming myself and numerous other people with vile comments on internet threads. One person one thread complained that he was being stalked by the man. His wife Mary also makes undignified comments in cohorts with him. They are both Calvinists (See previous post: Why Are People Attracted To Calvinism).

Free speech is fine. If John B. Carpenter PhD wants to make a fool of himself and demonstrate his ignorance and personal hatred for his fellows in posts, I am fine with that. I believe sticks and stones will break my bones, but names do not hurt me, unless they are coming from somebody who is a significant part of my life and I am looking for support and not derision.

When it comes to a book review, before a book can be reviewed, it needs to be read. To write a book review without reading a book is to bear false witness unless the person states upfront that he or she has not read the book. To make such a statement at the end of the review is subterfuge.

If people see a book review and it looks positive, they are inclined inclined to read further. If the review is derogatory, most people are unlikely to read the review, let alone seek for a caveat at the end stating the reviewer has not read the book.

A book reviewer would not write a negative review and at the end write, "I have not read this book." Nobody would expect a book review by somebody claiming a PhD to write a negative review about a book and state at the end that they had not bothered reading the book. This is because nobody would think that a PhD would be so stupid. A clown, having not read a particular book, would write a negative book review for a laugh. For anybody else to do so, they would have to be a spiteful, bitter person, festering with hatred. 

For Amazon to permit the following book reviews to be advertised as most helpful is a blight on their name. Some employee must have some personal investment in seeing that these two book reviews remain and does not care whether any sales come via their internet shop.

This is what we find on Amazon.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Ignorant of the Bible But Fancies Himself a Teacher
By John B. Carpenter on January 20, 2015

The author doesn't know the first thing about the Bible, much less how to study it. He is ignorant of the Bible and church history. He espouses false doctrine while exalting himself and denying the sovereignty of God, making up quotes for God out of his imagination while mocking what the true Word of God teaches.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

By John B. Carpenter on January 20, 2015

Talk about "superficial"! The author has such little knowledge of the Bible and church history, he should not be writing such a book -- or any

Now you might ask why would a person do such a thing. The only answer I can think of is that the person is hurting inside so bad that by venting his inner rage in this manner he finds some relief from his torment. 

Calvinists are always talking the angry god. There god is an angry god. The only angry god that I know of is the god of this world. He is very angry about the fact that he is a loser and seeks to harm as many people as possible, within the constraints that are placed upon him. 

The God, I know, loves people and desires all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. This is the Creator of the Universe. 

Anyhow, just to let you know that the current injustice of which I am speaking is real, here are some testimonies from some people who have read three of my books. 

I'm glad that I'm one of those who have been reading your books. Truly I have learned so much after reading your books, especially in "THE ONLY WORDS WRITTEN BY THE FINGER OF GOD." Yes, I was raised in a Christian family, I have always gone to church, I teach children and young people. But I never did understand what the Ten Commandments really mean. From reading your books, my life has changed.  I now understand the Ten Commandments. My Spiritual intelligence has increased! My knowledge of the word of God has grown. All the Highest glory and Praise to God! This is how real faith works. I really thank God, because he used you to write books so that people like me can read them and know How God is great and realize how we can achieve more in our lives with God than what we thought possible.

Everything that I have read and learned from your books, I truly do apply in my life.  I also apply your methods when relating to others in the Bible Studies through sharing how God is great and how Faith really works in my life.

Your books are a great blessing, a great help especially in my Bible Studies. I Praise the Lord because all my Bible Studies are now very successful. We follow your teachings in HOW TO HAVE AN EFFECTIVE BIBLE STUDY, and thank God they really work. Those people who read your books are enjoying them and they are really blessed, and I want you to read some of their testimonies.

I'm Florida G. Saulo, I'm one of the church leaders, a church-mate of Julie Anne. I read your books. I'm have been blessed every time I have read your books because I learn so much—especially how to become a fruitful Christian who enjoys the favor of our Heavenly Father. My faith has grown. Now it is stronger. Praise be to God.

 I'm Marissa A. Deinla, member of one of Julie's cell groups. I'm an avid readers of your books. My favorite book is "The Milk of the Word". Because it's easy for me to find all the encouraging words, especially If I undergo ups and down. I'm blessed because my faith is increasing after reading your books. God is Good!

I'm Princess Love Valencia, I'm 26 years old. I'm one of the readers of your book. Just wanted to share God is working in my life after reading and following your teaching. I really thank the Lord for using you mightily. God bless you more and more power!

This is Bella Galao, member of Julie's cell group, I thank the Lord for giving me an opportunity to read one of your books. I'm blessed, and have learned so much even though I can't  understand English that well, but I always pray to God for wisdom and knowledge. Thank you Lord!

Hi Happy, Pastor Faustino Atanacio, Jr., father of Julie. I want to give the Lord the glory for how much he has been working in our church since adopting your teaching. Your three books are excellent. We always pray that God will use you more and more for His glory. Praise be to God. God bless you.

Please pray for the work of the Lord here. We are planning to build a new church in one of our outreaches. Thank you so much for being a blessing to us.

If you want to know more about the above books or the others, you can do this by visiting this page.

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Why Are Calvinists Against Freewill And Claim Calvinism Is The Gospel? 

Jerry Walls is a Christian Philosopher. He is Wesleyan. [The Prodigal Son is only a Christian.] He is opposed to Calvinism. Initially, like most Christians he probably did not think much about Calvinism—he still doesn’t.  But once he realized the extent of their Calvinist influence within the thinking of people in Christian circles, he became concerned and has had much to say about them on numerous occasions ever since. One thing he has noticed is that if they did not preach the gospel message, nobody would listen to them, because their teachings do not make sense and are contrary to what is clearly written in the Bible.

Charles Spurgeon
For some reason, Calvinists think that they have the truth because Charles Haddon Spurgeon, a Baptist  preacher, who is quoted as having written,” I have my own private opinion that there is no such thing as preaching Christ and Him crucified, unless we preach what nowadays is called Calvinism. It is a nickname to call it Calvinism; Calvinism is the gospel, and nothing else (The Autobiography of Charles H. Spurgeon, Curts & Jennings, Chicago 1898, Vol.1.  p. 172)

God Loves Us All...But
The gospel message is God desires all men to be saved and come to full knowledge of the truth (1 Timothy 2:4). However, only if we are willing and obedient, can we be empowered to overcome sin; but if we reject the truth, then we will have to give an account of our actions. If our name is not found in the Book of Life, we are to be cast into the eternal fire that is prepared for the Devil and his angels (Matthew 25:41).

Politicians and Spurgeon
Spurgeon states that Calvinism is the gospel and nothing else. To help understand the danger of what Spurgeon said, an analogy can be found in politics. 

In a democracy, there are usually two sides, the government and the opposition. To simplify matters, these can consist of say, the Republicans on one side and the Democrats on the other. To say that the opposition is the government because they have been elected into office is false. One has true power, while the other does not.

Likewise, there is the true gospel and there are those who like to think they have a gospel of power, when in fact they are members of the opposition with an impotent policy who have influence over some people within the electorate, but not all.  

If Calvinists did not preach the basic gospel, they would attract no listeners. What is the gospel? It is the good news that people can enter into the promises of God.

If politicians did not promise better things for people, they would not get a hearing. However, when politicians promise pie in the sky, they get a hearing, but unless they are actually on the winning side, they cannot deliver on those promises.

Calvinism can be compared to a politician who is in opposition making promises he cannot keep. This is because their distinctive doctrines (based on Double Predestination of the saved and the condemned) blaspheme God by making Him out to be a callous, sadistic fiend who delights in tormenting people.

The Calvinist preaches that he was chosen before the foundation of the world to be saved from eternal damnation. Those who believe the same as him are also saved before the foundation of the world.  The Calvinist can sin as much as he likes, because he was saved before the foundation of the world.

Now, can you see why people are attracted to Calvinism. According to Calvinists, not only are people saved because they profess Jesus rose from the dead (a prerequisite for salvation), they are saved from eternal damnation regardless of how much they sin and spurn the blood that secured their salvation.  In other words, a Calvinist can hate his neighbor, even sign his name to the person’s death warrant, and be saved.  This is because Calvinists like to believe they were chosen before the foundation of the world and they were saved before they were born.

(The saying is sure, if it is too good to be true, it usually is.)

John Calvin
From the biography of John Calvin (who developed the theory of once saved always saved and the doctrine which magnifies God as a fiend because he creates people for the sole purpose of tormenting them eternally in Hell) we learn:
While instituting many positive policies, Calvin's government also punished "impiety" and dissent against his particularly spare vision of Christianity with execution. In the first five years of his rule in Geneva, 58 people were executed and 76 exiled for their religious beliefs. Calvin allowed no art other than music, and even that could not involve instruments. Under his rule, Geneva became the center of Protestantism, and sent out pastors to the rest of Europe, creating Presbyterianism in Scotland, the Puritan Movement in England and the Reformed Church in the Netherlands.[i]

At, in Church History, an article entitled Michael Servetus Burned for Heresy, records
Although Calvin insisted with the rest that Servetus must die, he urged that in mercy Servetus be executed by the sword, not by burning, but the Council rejected the suggestion. It was quarreling with Calvin at that time over the city government. Calvin and reformer William Farel spent hours with Servetus trying to turn him back from his lapses from commonly accepted Christian doctrine, but Servetus stood fast to his principles.On this day, October 27, 1553, Geneva burned Michael Servetus at the stake for blasphemy and heresy. In the flames, Michael called repeatedly on Jesus, the Son of God for mercy.[ii]

Could it be that something within Calvin was telling him that burning in flames was going to be his fate, therefore he could not stand to see someone who believed in Jesus Christ, being consumed by fire. 

Hatred and Murder
The World English Bible states:
Whoever hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life remaining in him. (1 John 3:15)
The evidence appears to be people are attracted to Calvinism because they want to believe a lie that regardless of what a person does, he or she will be saved and possess eternal life, because they were especially chosen of God before the foundation of the world to be saved. 

We can only expect that the spirit of the founder of Calvinism, John Calvin, to be alive and well in those who blindly follow his teachings. 


Thursday, February 19, 2015


Standards change depending where we happen to be. There was time when I went to school that if you said any slang word you would be reprimanded. Taboo words were a serious offence and this would require detention or being strapped or a caning. Today taboo words are “nigger” or “poofter” while the old fashioned taboo words that referred to the genitals or coitus are acceptable.

Just today I went to a restaurant and was not permitted entry because I was not wearing the acceptable dress code. I pointed out that women wear the same shoes as I was wearing and they were admitted. Evidently, for a male to be wearing leather thongs is unacceptable but for a female this is not an issue.

Evidently women in thongs are acceptable but not the Prodigal Son. By thongs, I do not mean a garment worn for swimming or sunbathing, consisting of thin strips of material that cover the genitals but leave the buttocks bare or anything resembling a g-string.

Just in case you do not understand what I mean by “thongs”,  a leather thong is a sandal held on the foot by a strip of leather that fits between the first and second toes and is connected to two straps  passing over the top of the foot and around the sides of the foot and attached to the sole.

A cheaper version of thongs, which have soles made out of bamboo, rubber or plastic  and cloth, rubber or plastic material for straps are known as flip-flops, jandals and, of course, thongs, in different parts of the world.

 Discrimination is something that can create major problems for society; especially when it becomes racial or religious or directed towards a particular gender. Many other forms of social discrimination affect our everyday lives.  In many instances, discrimination is unfair and is based on prejudices that really ought to be overlooked. Disabled people are often discriminated against, as are those suffering from obesity, or did not attend the right school or come from the right social background. Ivory league education is considered essential if a person is to be considered for the more prestigious and higher paid occupations or positions of power; something Obama has indicated.

When I sought the Heavenly Father to meet Lord Jesus Christ, I did not think that I was special, nor did I think that I was unworthy, I thought that if anybody else could know Him, surely I could too.  When I later began to read the New Testament, I came across these words written by the Apostle  Paul in the book of Romans:
Not only this, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces perseverance;  and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope:  and hope doesn’t disappoint us, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us. For while we were yet weak, at the right time Christ died for the ungodly (Romans 5:3-6 World English Bible).
Without realizing that I was ungodly, as are all who have sinned against God, I did realize that I was no better than, and no worse than, anybody else before the Heavenly Father.  With God there is no partiality, we are all in the same hole heading for eternal torment unless we find a way out. Jesus is our way out. 


Hi, I am the Prodigal Son. So what? Means nothing to you.

Being called the Heavenly Father’s Prodigal Son has been a tag which I have not been able to shake.
Prodigal means foolish, right.  So I am the foolish son of my Father, who by the way resides, everywhere, except in a sphere where the Universe exists.

You probably thought I was going to say my Father resides in Heaven, but the truth is, that is from where He communicates to His Creation from.

Actually, I have quite a lot to tell you about, so I will begin to divulge some of it in my posts here. The reason I am not doing anything else at the moment is that I am waiting upon my Father in Heaven to see what He wants me to do.

My Heavenly Father did prompt me to write a book entitled THE ONLY WORDS WRITTEN BY THE FINGER OF GOD. If you are a Christian and haven’t read that book then you probably do not know much about God, regardless of what you think. A list of books that I have been published so far are HERE 

Many theologians are touted as being knowledgeable about God because they can read Greek. To call yourself a theologian, you have to be able to read Greek. This is really poppycock, because theology is really the study of God and reading Greek has nothing to do with the study of God. 

But why worry about calling oneself a theologian, when you can be a Son of God and know the Lord God Almighty as intimately as any child could know his or her father.

God has the ability to communicate to any person in any language. He does not need people to speak in Greek. Can you imagine what a joke God thinks of theologians and those who revere the Greek language or the Hebrew language as the vehicle to understand and know and hear from God.

The Spirit of God spoke to me and said that if I were not able to understand Him in my own language, how would I be able to understand Him in another language?

When the Lord God speaks to me, it is through His Spirit that dwells within, although on occasions, He has spoken to me in an external audible fashion. 

People like to scoff at other people hearing the voice of God when they themselves have not heard Him. This is understandable. Apparently, unless a person is tuned into the right frequency, a person cannot hear what the Spirit of God is saying.

Anyhow, I heard a voice say to me, "My Prodigal Son". As nobody was around at the time, I assumed that it  had to be my Heavenly Father. The events that took place at that time changed my life.  Since then I have believed I am God's Prodigal Son. So I am. Events since then have confirmed that I am the true Prodigal Son of God. 

I wrote a manuscript some years ago entitled the Prodigal Son. A well-known Pastor and Bible Scholar in some circles read the manuscript and suggested that I rewrite it and not be so descriptive about some of the things I have done.

Being the Prodigal Son means I am God's foolish son. This is indeed the case. There is no greater fool than I, except a person who denies the existence of my Heavenly Father.