Monday, February 23, 2015

Amazon Plays Dirty Or Is Just One Of Its Employees

At the beginning of February, 2015, I had eight books for sale on Since then I have removed those books from sale because Amazon has not removed all the reviews of serial spammer and Calvinist preacher, John B. Carpenter PhD. Either this is their policy or there is an employee who delights in seeing false reviews being endorsed as most helpful customer reviews.

John B. Carpenter PhD runs the Baptist Bible Covenant Church at Yanceyville in North Carolina  and has been spamming myself and numerous other people with vile comments on internet threads. One person one thread complained that he was being stalked by the man. His wife Mary also makes undignified comments in cohorts with him. They are both Calvinists (See previous post: Why Are People Attracted To Calvinism).

Free speech is fine. If John B. Carpenter PhD wants to make a fool of himself and demonstrate his ignorance and personal hatred for his fellows in posts, I am fine with that. I believe sticks and stones will break my bones, but names do not hurt me, unless they are coming from somebody who is a significant part of my life and I am looking for support and not derision.

When it comes to a book review, before a book can be reviewed, it needs to be read. To write a book review without reading a book is to bear false witness unless the person states upfront that he or she has not read the book. To make such a statement at the end of the review is subterfuge.

If people see a book review and it looks positive, they are inclined inclined to read further. If the review is derogatory, most people are unlikely to read the review, let alone seek for a caveat at the end stating the reviewer has not read the book.

A book reviewer would not write a negative review and at the end write, "I have not read this book." Nobody would expect a book review by somebody claiming a PhD to write a negative review about a book and state at the end that they had not bothered reading the book. This is because nobody would think that a PhD would be so stupid. A clown, having not read a particular book, would write a negative book review for a laugh. For anybody else to do so, they would have to be a spiteful, bitter person, festering with hatred. 

For Amazon to permit the following book reviews to be advertised as most helpful is a blight on their name. Some employee must have some personal investment in seeing that these two book reviews remain and does not care whether any sales come via their internet shop.

This is what we find on Amazon.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

Ignorant of the Bible But Fancies Himself a Teacher
By John B. Carpenter on January 20, 2015

The author doesn't know the first thing about the Bible, much less how to study it. He is ignorant of the Bible and church history. He espouses false doctrine while exalting himself and denying the sovereignty of God, making up quotes for God out of his imagination while mocking what the true Word of God teaches.

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

By John B. Carpenter on January 20, 2015

Talk about "superficial"! The author has such little knowledge of the Bible and church history, he should not be writing such a book -- or any

Now you might ask why would a person do such a thing. The only answer I can think of is that the person is hurting inside so bad that by venting his inner rage in this manner he finds some relief from his torment. 

Calvinists are always talking the angry god. There god is an angry god. The only angry god that I know of is the god of this world. He is very angry about the fact that he is a loser and seeks to harm as many people as possible, within the constraints that are placed upon him. 

The God, I know, loves people and desires all men to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth. This is the Creator of the Universe. 

Anyhow, just to let you know that the current injustice of which I am speaking is real, here are some testimonies from some people who have read three of my books. 

I'm glad that I'm one of those who have been reading your books. Truly I have learned so much after reading your books, especially in "THE ONLY WORDS WRITTEN BY THE FINGER OF GOD." Yes, I was raised in a Christian family, I have always gone to church, I teach children and young people. But I never did understand what the Ten Commandments really mean. From reading your books, my life has changed.  I now understand the Ten Commandments. My Spiritual intelligence has increased! My knowledge of the word of God has grown. All the Highest glory and Praise to God! This is how real faith works. I really thank God, because he used you to write books so that people like me can read them and know How God is great and realize how we can achieve more in our lives with God than what we thought possible.

Everything that I have read and learned from your books, I truly do apply in my life.  I also apply your methods when relating to others in the Bible Studies through sharing how God is great and how Faith really works in my life.

Your books are a great blessing, a great help especially in my Bible Studies. I Praise the Lord because all my Bible Studies are now very successful. We follow your teachings in HOW TO HAVE AN EFFECTIVE BIBLE STUDY, and thank God they really work. Those people who read your books are enjoying them and they are really blessed, and I want you to read some of their testimonies.

I'm Florida G. Saulo, I'm one of the church leaders, a church-mate of Julie Anne. I read your books. I'm have been blessed every time I have read your books because I learn so much—especially how to become a fruitful Christian who enjoys the favor of our Heavenly Father. My faith has grown. Now it is stronger. Praise be to God.

 I'm Marissa A. Deinla, member of one of Julie's cell groups. I'm an avid readers of your books. My favorite book is "The Milk of the Word". Because it's easy for me to find all the encouraging words, especially If I undergo ups and down. I'm blessed because my faith is increasing after reading your books. God is Good!

I'm Princess Love Valencia, I'm 26 years old. I'm one of the readers of your book. Just wanted to share God is working in my life after reading and following your teaching. I really thank the Lord for using you mightily. God bless you more and more power!

This is Bella Galao, member of Julie's cell group, I thank the Lord for giving me an opportunity to read one of your books. I'm blessed, and have learned so much even though I can't  understand English that well, but I always pray to God for wisdom and knowledge. Thank you Lord!

Hi Happy, Pastor Faustino Atanacio, Jr., father of Julie. I want to give the Lord the glory for how much he has been working in our church since adopting your teaching. Your three books are excellent. We always pray that God will use you more and more for His glory. Praise be to God. God bless you.

Please pray for the work of the Lord here. We are planning to build a new church in one of our outreaches. Thank you so much for being a blessing to us.

If you want to know more about the above books or the others, you can do this by visiting this page.

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