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DISCERNING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BLASPHEMY AND A MERE VIOLATION OF GOD’S LAW CAN BE CONFUSING. People Do Not Realize The Seriousness Of Blasphemy And Appear To Jest When It Comes To Using Words That Designate God In Some Way. Not everybody is jesting when using derivatives of names, some are completely insane.

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Blasphemy is sinning against the Holy Spirit. Making a sound like “gee” is not blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Neither is the sound “je”in the word “jeep” anything like the two syllables that are sounded together when saying the name “Jesus’.
  • And every one who speaks a word against the Son of man will be forgiven; but he who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven. (Luke 12:10)
  • “Truly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they utter; but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin”— for they had said, “He has an unclean spirit.” (Mark 3:28-30)
An unclean spirit might focus on the anterior and posterior features of a person’s anatomy found within the pelvic region and any discharges that are made from its orifices. For some reason the unclean heart and the perverted mind has a fixation of this part of the human anatomy. You never hear an unclean mind and perverted heart causing a person to utter exclamations such as: “My nose!” “Hair!” “Snip!” “Forgive your head!” Those exclamations seem meaningless. Instead, the sounds used when saying God, Jesus, or Christ, often peppered with other expletives, termed as intensifiers, are supposed to be meaningful.
As for rebuking Satan, notice what the archangel said:
  • But when the archangel Michael, contending with the devil, disputed about the body of Moses, he did not presume to pronounce a reviling judgment upon him, but said, “The Lord rebuke you.” (Jude 1:9)
Walking with God really means letting the angels to do the rebuking for you.
  • Of the angels he says,“Who makes his angels winds, and his servants flames of fire.” (Hebrews 1:7)
  • Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to serve, for the sake of those who are to obtain salvation? (Hebrews 1:14)
However, to walk with God requires us to enter God’s rest.
  • So then, there remains a Sabbath rest for the people of God; for whoever enters God’s rest also ceases from his labors as God did from his. Let us therefore strive to enter that rest, that no one fall by the same sort of disobedience. (Hebrews 4:9-11)
Committing sin is not our problem. We never asked to be born into this world. However, we can seek God so that we can be kept from conforming to this world and succumbing to the Evil One. Jesus expressed the idea in this fashion:
  • I have given them thy word; and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. I do not pray that thou shouldst take them out of the world, but that thou shouldst keep them from the evil one. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. (John 17:14-16)
Knowing God’s word is just a matter of meditating the Law of God (Psalm 1) and trusting in Him to keep His word. No one who believes in Jesus will be put to shame (Romans 10:11). Therefore, there is nothing to worry about, as long as you trust in Jesus to have paid the price for your sins.

What is forced thinking?
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Forced thinking is what Quora moderators attempt to do when they do not like what you write and then delete your posts.

Why would honest people with integrity be afraid of what people have to say if what is being said is of no value and not true—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking occurs when a moderator decides that truth is something that must be banished because it is not part of the propaganda.

Forced thinking occurs when people have to face the truth, especially if those people happen to be moderators at Quora—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking is what occurs when somebody has to confront a truth about himself or herself, which the person has been trying to avoid but feels cornered.

Forced thinking occurs when your conscience is activated and you have to acknowledge it because you can no longer stand the pain of doing wrong—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking is what happens when you lose your job and you have to find another one—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking occurs when you are long on the stock market and overnight the market crashes and you have to bail out of your positions—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking occurs when FBI agents raid your house and you are not told the reason why—except for those in denial running around saying, “This is happening to me.”

Forced thinking occurs when you are handed an indictment—except for those in denial, who immediately use it for toilet paper.

Force thinking occurs when you read this and wonder whether you are the one who is being targeted.
Forced thinking occurs when people ask you question on Quora and you decide to answer.

Forced thinking occurs when you have your posts deleted from December 12 oinwards and do not know which Quora moderator has decided to ban you:
  1. Post One: What Makes The Bible Believable
  2. Post Two: Does Satan Exist
  3. Post Three: Did Mankind Write The Bible
  4. Post Four: Why Do Atheists Answer Questions For Christians
  5. Post Five: Why Do Christians Claim The Bible Originates With God
  6. Post Six: Why I am not An Atheist
  7. Post Seven: Does God Exist Within People
Forced thinking occurs when you wonder why the Main Stream Media are so anti Trump and the alternative media are so pro Trump—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking occurs when you see Trump posting a meme with Clapper, Comey, Mueller, Obama, the Clintons, and others behind bars and then hear that they are going to go to jail for treason—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking occurs when you hear that “wild fires” burn cars and houses in residential areas but not trees, and square miles of forests being destroyed are referred to as “the camp fire”—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking occurs when Democrats find ballot boxes of votes weeks after the election day is over that are sufficient to overturn election results and are upheld by Democrat appointed judges as permissible.

Forced thinking occurs when Joan Rivers says that everybody knows a particular president’s wife is really a transvestite and then she dies days later, when in hospital having a simple cosmetic procedure, but there are no pictures of the ex-president’s wife ever being pregnant, no birth registrations of her two children, and now she claims she had her children through IVF—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking occurs when Melania Trump is overlooked by the fashionista while Ms Obama is promoted as a fashion icon—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking occurs when Democrat Pelosi has become very wealthy while in power as a politician and then sees nothing wrong about smearing people falsely by publishing erroneous statements in the media and then using those statements as proof of truth—except for those in denial.
Forced thinking requires a person to consider that politicians are corrupt and most of them ought to be put behind bars for their crimes, for their constant lying hypocrisy and for ripping off the people they are supposed to serve—except for those in denial.

Forced thinking means asking why did a Quora moderator(s) have an agenda to target posts written by myself.

The Ten Commandments Were Written So People Have No Excuse

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA IS BEING TAKEN OVER BY SATANISTS BUT THIS DEPENDS UPON WHO YOU BELIEVE, THE ATHEISTS OR THE THEISTS. Not Everybody Who Claims To Be A Theist Or An Atheist Think Satanists Are Really At The Helm Of Politics Or The Governing Bodies Of The World. Nevertheless,the fact that Europe has been sliding into atheism for much longer than people in North America is probably evidenced in the what is happening today in the countries that have rejected the reality of life.

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Happy Riches answer requested by Myra Turner

When speaking about theists, there are distinctions that need to be made. Not every theist worships the Creator. Many worship what they like to think is the Creator. Worldviews are also greatly affected by what people worship or who people perceive they worship.
Unfortunately, I have not encountered sufficient atheists from either continent to make any definitive assessment. The fact that Europe has been sliding into atheism for much longer than people in North America is probably evidenced in the what is happening today in the countries that have rejected the reality of life. Astoundingly, these days we see reports of women saying that they enjoy being raped, and atheist feminists exulting in the fact that those who “declit” their comrades are creating mayhem.
In the US, atheists appear to be taking up the rant and proclaiming that it is good—it is really good—for current European mayhem to come to the land of the free and the home of the hacked. Male feminists were very upset at Trump’s election to the Presidency, apparently he is not an atheist. The First Lady Melania Trump believes in God, also.
Michael Shermer heads up the atheists in the US. In Politico (April 16, 2017) Shermer gleefully writes:
Americans are also abandoning their belief that God is actively involved in our daily affairs. Who Cares if Trump Is Religious?
Unlike Europe, theists are more likely to be gun-toting individuals in the USA, while the atheists might not be so inclined.
In the USA, from what I can ascertain, atheists hate the Christians and for some reason have a desire to cozy up to Muslims—as if they had some spiritual commonality. In this respect, the atheists in Europe seem to be setting the agenda.
Christian theists who acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as the Creator of the Life, in my experience, are not appreciated by atheists. There is no evidence of this being any different in Europe or USA.

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VISIONS, APPARITIONS, PSYCHIC HALLUCINATIONS, OVERACTIVE IMAGINATION, AND DREAMS COULD ALL BE THE SAME PHENOMENA—ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO RELIGIOUS CLAIMS. But Are Visions Of Jesus, Or Seeing Angels, Merely Apparitions Or Hallucinations From An Overactive Imagination Such As What People Have When Asleep And Dreaming During The Night? Doubters, unbelievers, skeptics, cynics and scoffers claim that this is the case, even though they have no proof, just an assumption that they might be right based upon their limited experience or lack of experience.

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People believe in aliens from outer space. Some people have even claimed to have seen aliens. Are we to say that aliens exist based upon what those people claim?
Merely having apparitions does not prove anything. They are like historical facts that happened but cannot be proven because time has moved on and there is no longer any evidence. Just like a bug that existed before it was eaten, really. But nobody got to speak to the bug or catch the bird that ate it. Likewise, many an apparition has been seen before it disappeared. Nothing can be proven either way. One person saw the apparition. Now let another disprove it. Then we may learn one hundred people saw the same apparition. How do we disprove that? Unless the people are lying and confess to this, there is no means of disproving that an apparition was seen. Either we call them liars or accept their claims.
But did Jesus rise from the dead? According to the Bible, Jesus did rise from the dead. In fact, one person, who did not believe Jesus rose from the dead, wrote:
  • For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received, that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. Then he appeared to more than five hundred brethren at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have fallen asleep. Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles. Last of all, as to one untimely born, he appeared also to me. (1 Corinthians 15:3-8)
The Apostle Paul, to whom Jesus appeared, also wrote concerning things like apparitions:
  • I must boast; there is nothing to be gained by it, but I will go on to visions and revelations of the Lord. (2 Corinthians 12:1)
  • Let no one disqualify you, insisting on self-abasement and worship of angels, taking his stand on visions, puffed up without reason by his sensuous mind. (Colossians 2:18)
Apparitions, visions and whatever a person might see, have nothing to do with substance. So what if a person has a vision. The Apostle Paul claims that there is nothing to be gained by them. Reality requires something of substance.
In a way, we can compare visions with pieces of paper called degrees. They are meaningless things. Irrespective from which institution they are obtained, a degree is meaningless if the person has no substance. Likewise, seeing a vision or an apparition is a meaningless thing, unless there is something of substance to be gained from the experience.
When Lord Jesus Christ appeared before me, this did not change my life. The joy that was imparted to me that affirmed the assurance of my salvation, which I experience every day, is what changed my worldview and my life with it. The experience that I had at that moment of time is long gone—merely an historical event; a fact: just like a leaf falling off a tree.
The reality of the present assurance within my very being is the substance that reminds me that what occurred back then, when Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me, was real and my memory is not playing tricks, even if I cannot prove that the event happened. But those who know me, would not identify me with a description of who I was before that event. However, I will testify that it was not the appearance (or if you like, the vision or the apparition) of Lord Jesus Christ that has changed me, rather the reality of the assurance I possess within my very person.
Because apparitions, visions, dreams and the like cannot be proven, we can be reasonably sure the this is the most probable reason the Apostle said that we are not to take our stand on visions. The reality of experiencing the power of God within one’s own person and the change it brings in one’s life is the testimony that counts.

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ATHEISTS BEG FORGIVENESS FROM GOD BUT IS TOO LATE BECAUSE THEY LOVE EVIL RATHER THAN GOODNESS. Ironically, Atheists Think That If God Is Real That They Will Be Able To Find Forgiveness At The Great White Throne Judgment, But Then It Will be too late. Atheists have their opportunity now, and if they think that being born to die is meaningful, what until they are judged, then they will learn what meaningful really means.

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Happy Riches  answers request from anonymous

The problem with this question is one wonders whether this is written by a person who does not acknowledge the truth the Creator exists or written by a person who has a narrow-mind view of religion and God.
If written by an atheist, then the question is designed to elicit ignorant responses typical of those who think that they have no need to acknowledge the Creator of Life. The atheist will then delight in the exhibition of cynicism, sarcasm, and ridicule in the responses.
If written by a religionist, especially one who has a shallow understanding of the attributes of God the Creator and Judge of all, then one can imagine the sardonic pleasure the person gains from reading the responses written by those, who are expressing their ignorance as they scoff, comparing the Creator with manmade images, which are really a projection of their own ideas of what they worship—usually some solipsistic image of their own creation.
The God of the Bible wrote the Ten Commandments. The Bible is a historically accurate book that has been proven archaeologically reliable with numerous finds—far too many to mention, but some are below:
The reality about existence in our current biological form is that it’s short-lived. Either a person accepts that existence is just a matter of being born, suffering and ceasing to exist, or eternity exists and being a finite mortal with limited knowledge, a superior individual is required for the truth to be known. Such an individual cannot be another human because humans know very little—even those who might possess an encyclopedic mind.
The Ten Commandments are the only words attested historically to have been written by the Lord God, Creator of the Universe. Not to understand the Ten Commandments before scoffing at them is the height of ignorance and everybody knows what an ignorant person is called.
As it stands, there is only one person whom I know who can quote those Ten Commandments in their entirety. Rather surprising, really, when one thinks about it. However, there are numerous people who comment on them who demonstrate their ignorance. Unfortunately for these individuals, they do not realize how ignorant they really are, for they think they are intelligent—many of them love to rave about IQ, which hopefully does not mean Ignorance Quotient.
Now any intelligent person, who had to face a judge that clearly stated that according to the law of the land the person had to be be punished, would at least seek for mercy, rather than be punished. Self-preservation demands it from an intelligent person.
Laws are written down so that judges cannot become arbitrary dictators who are like Humpty Dumpty and lose their focus. Irrespective of other interpretations, Humpty Dumpty is an apt illustration of an egg-head; especially one who has such a high opinion that when his or her pride consumes them, like death having the last say, they are brought low after all and are no better off than any other person—
”What a waste of space”, said Alice.
“Not really,” replied the Cat. ”Cracked eggs provide good protein for grubs when all said and done. Stalin, Mao, Hitler are just the same as us all.”
“Are they the three stooges?” inquired Alice. “I thought there names were Larry Curly and Mo.
“What’s it matter, said the Cat, “You have only proven my point.”
If the Creator of the Universe gave humans Ten Dictates by which they were to be judged, then there would be no need for mercy, since everybody complies with the just requirements.
Why would anybody have to beg for forgiveness, if nobody has done nothing wrong?
Why would there be a need for judgment any way?
Every person is merely born to die. We know this because the biology teacher told us so. But who told her? How can she be so sure?
What about the atheist who mentored Richard Dawkins? Before he died, he changed his mind about the brilliance of being an atheist. Moreover, he paid out on Dawkins for being a bigger fool than he was: Professor Antony Flew reviews The God Delusion.
Wonder what Jesus meant when He said:
  • Make friends quickly with your accuser, while you are going with him to court, lest your accuser hand you over to the judge, and the judge to the guard, and you be put in prison; truly, I say to you, you will never get out till you have paid the last penny.
Punishment is not a problem when the judge can be bribed like those on Earth and we can get leniency. When it comes to eternity, though, being put in prison is not something I would like. Eternal punishment is not something I would like to countenance. Forgiveness and mercy seem like a better option. Who is the accuser, though?

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THE NEW TESTAMENT WRITINGS IN GREEK, ARAMAIC, LATIN, COPTIC, HINDI, OR ANY OTHER LANGUAGE HAVE TO BE INTERPRETED INTO THE LANGUAGE OF THE READERS, OTHERWISE IT IS USELESS. The importance of obtaining the original copies cannot be underestimated but we only have copies that were written in the original language, which appears to be Greek. The reason the New Testament was written in Greek according to all accounts is that language was the lingua franca of the region in that day, just as English is the lingua franca among diplomats, scientists, engineers and other professionals today, even though there are differences of expression in various parts of the world.

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Happy Riches, answer requested by Pamela Wood

You ask the question as to why was the New Testament written in Greek. The most obvious answer would be because those who wrote the New Testament were either only capable of writing Greek, or they sought to reach people who could read Greek.

Furthermore, it is well known that Hellenization of the Mediterranean had occurred from the days of Alexander the Great. This affected the Israelite culture as well as the other cultures. As the gospel message spread, it would have only been natural for writers to use the language that was spoken by those whom they were communicating with.
  • Now those who were scattered after the persecution that arose over Stephen traveled as far as Phoenicia, Cyprus, and Antioch, preaching the word to no one but the Jews only. But some of them were men from Cyprus and Cyrene, who, when they had come to Antioch, spoke to the Hellenists, preaching the Lord Jesus. And the hand of the Lord was with them, and a great number believed and turned to the Lord. (Acts 11:19-21)
To suggest that other languages were not used by writers is to be presumptuous. All we can know today is what history reveals in the archaeological record. Rather then infer that the New Testament was never written in Aramaic or Latin by any of the Apostles or leaders of the Early Church, maybe it is better to accept what is proven to be true and what is unknown, as yet, is simply unknown, but not necessarily non-existent.
The fact that there was a dispute between the Hebrews and the Hellenists suggests that this distinction, if not cultural, could have been due to language.
  • Now in those days, when the number of the disciples was multiplying, a complaint arose from the Hellenists against the Hebrews, because their widows were neglected in the daily service. (Acts 6:1)
The Septuagint is the Old Testament in the Hebrew language translated into Greek. There are claims that the New Testament cites only the Greek Septuagint in places.
Of the places where the New Testament quotes the Old, the great majority is from the Septuagint version. Protestant authors Archer and Chirichigno list 340 places where the New Testament cites the Septuagint but only 33 places where it cites from the Masoretic Text rather than the Septuagint (G. Archer and G. C. Chirichigno, Old Testament Quotations in the New Testament: A Complete Survey, 25-32).[1]
This is the result of the fact that by the late 1st century B.C., and especially the 1st century A.D. – the Septuagint had “replaced” the Hebrew Bible as the Scriptures most people used. Since most people spoke and read Greek as their primary language, and the Greek authorities strongly encouraged the use of Greek, the Septuagint became much more common than the Hebrew Old Testament.
One writer, using the book Canon of Scripture by F.F. Bruce as a resource, writes:
As faithful as the Septuagint translators strived to be in accurately rendering the Hebrew text into Greek, some translational differences arose. In comparing the New Testament quotations of the Hebrew Bible, it is clear that the Septuagint was often used. This is the result of the fact that by the late 1st century B.C., and especially the 1st century A.D. – the Septuagint had “replaced” the Hebrew Bible as the Scriptures most people used. Since most people spoke and read Greek as their primary language, and the Greek authorities strongly encouraged the use of Greek, the Septuagint became much more common than the Hebrew Old Testament.[2]
The possibility that New Testament writers also wrote manuscripts in Aramaic is not out of the question. In an essay entitled The Scriptures of Jesus and His Earliest Followers, Craig Evans writes:
There are significant examples in which Jesus' language agrees with the Aramaic tradition. (Lee Martin McDonald, James A. Sanders, editors. The Canon Debate. p 191-194, 2002)[3]
Apparently, the Greek was the most common language of the day. Because Greek was the lingua franca of the Mediterranean area, the odds of finding New Testament manuscripts written in that language are much higher than Hebrew or Aramaic languages. But this does not preclude any New Testament writings having been written first in Hebrew or Aramaic.
Our knowledge of the past is sketchy, just as our knowledge of every human being living today is sketchy, even though we have massive data banks to draw upon, we cannot know everything that is to be known about every person that is alive.

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THE FATALISTIC FATE OF ATHEISM IS SO TERRIBLE ATHEISTS REFUSE TO CONTEMPLATE WHAT IT REALLY MEANS. Not That Atheists Are Dumb, Even If The Bible Calls Them Fools, But That They Are Deceived, And In Their Ignorance They Utter Stupid Remarks, Not Realizing That They Are Unintelligent, And May As Well Be Mouthing Glossolalia. Fortunately for some atheists they come to their senses and recognize that the Lord God Creator of Heaven and Earth exists, which means that they are definitely not an alien race that has infiltrated humankind.

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Atheism is often defined as the disbelief in gods. Although true atheism would be the denial that the Creator exists and humans are merely organisms that are animals. True atheism has to deny freewill and the fact that intelligence and knowledge exist.
A little reflection about what a true atheist has to accept as true and a short conversation with an atheist is sufficient to indicate that they do not really believe in atheism. Therefore the fate of atheism is obvious. Atheism does not exist. At least, not that defined above as true atheism.
Most people who call themselves atheists really do not know what they are talking about, but like to use bluff and bluster to make out that they do. When put on the spot and asked to give an explanation as to why they are born to die, the mere fact that they have to think and provide an answer demonstrates that they do not believe they are mere biological creatures without the ability to think.
Thinking is not a chemical reaction. If it were, thoughts would come out of a Petri dish, or something like alphabet soup would easily be made by taking a piece of human brain and mixing it with some water. Yet we read many claims suggesting that brains can be grown in a petri dish.
Just as there is hubris about scientific advancements that are not what they claim, so, too, there is much hubris by those who claim they are adherents of atheism.

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GREATEST THREAT TO CHRISTIANS ARE ATHEISTS WHO HAVE NO MORALS AND WILL SAY ANYTHING AND DO ANYTHING TO INFILTRATE AND DECEIVE FOLLOWERS OF THE SHEPHERD SO THAT THEY MIGHT BE LEAD ASTRAY. Not Every Atheist Operates In The Same Way But Like Wolves In Sheep Clothing They Will Be Known By Their Fruits When Put Under Pressure To Produce What Is Evidence Of Having Received The Holy Spirit. Many atheists claim that they were once Christians, not realizing that a person, who is truly a Christian, cannot turn his (or her) back on the Son of God, but because the person has the seal of God on his or her heart, willingly confess Jesus is Lord and produce the fruit of salvation.

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Happy Riches answers request by Holly Wells

Not exactly sure what your term “ex-Christian atheists” means. This is because a true Christian can never become an ex-Christian. A fake Christian or a cultural Christian can become an ex-fake Christian or an ex-cultural Christian, but they would not have been Christians in the first place.
The advice that was given to Solomon was that whoever seeks the Lord God, providing each person’s heart is right before Him, such persons are the ones who find Him. That advice applies today.
“And you, Solomon my son, know the God of your father, and serve him with a whole heart and with a willing mind; for the Lord searches all hearts, and understands every plan and thought. If you seek himhe will be found by you; but if you forsake him, he will cast you off for ever. (1 Chronicles 28:9)
To be a genuine Christian, a person has to be chosen by Lord Jesus Christ to be set free from sin.
Jesus then said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” They answered him, “We are descendants of Abraham, and have never been in bondage to any one. How is it that you say, ‘You will be made free’?”
Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, every one who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not continue in the house for ever; the son continues for ever. So if the Son makes you free, you will be free indeed. (John 8:31-36)
True Christianity is the reality of eternal life that is experienced by those persons who have been set free from sin—and death—by the Son of God. Hypocrites and unbelieving culturally nominated Christians of Christendom do not get a look in the door.
As for true religion, since this is the quest for the truth, how is an atheist going to threaten what people want to do? The evidence is there is a Creator that created the Universe and it did not come about by chance. Those who want to make the belief in “the theory of chance producing the principles of life” their god, may call themselves atheists, but they have merely substituted seeking the truth to devote their lives on this Earth to a lie.
Truth will always win out in the end. Lies are for losers. Even though people like telling lies, they hate being told lies—except when they do not want to face the truth about themselves. People believing lies are like tubbies being told that they are the new slim, rather than obesity will make life harder and there is more to be experienced in life, if one is fit and agile—instead of being unfit and sluggish.
The only threat atheists happen to be is to themselves. They cut themselves of any hope of eternal life. They have no ultimate meaning in life. Life is just a matter of being here and gone tomorrow for the atheist. The atheist has made a judgement that God does not exist. Or the Creator is not worth seeking. In which case, atheists only have themselves to blame when it comes to the eternal realm; for they are the ones who consider eternity non-existent. In many respects, atheists are like children covering their eyes and thinking nobody can see them, because they cannot see those who are more knowledgeable than themselves.—Pathetic? Well, not to be scorned. More to be deserving of pity, really.—But then atheists claim they are big enough to wear the consequences. So they shall, if they persist in their rejection of the Creator of Life.
Life is about relationships. We humans understand that we need to relate to other people if we are to have an a fulfilling life. Not relating to our Heavenly Father is like rejecting our Earthly parents as prepubescent children—only worse! This is why God wrote the Ten Commandments, to remind us that life is about relationships. The Ten Commandments are about relationships, not about anything else. Yet most people ignore them because they would rather hurt others and be hurt themselves. As Jesus said:
  • By this all men will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another. (John 13:35)
With this in mind, how are atheists going to be a threat to those who seek to have fulfilling relationships with the Creator of Life and other individuals, whom they have learned to love.