Tuesday, May 30, 2017

EVERYBODY IS AN INTERPRETER WHETHER WE LIKE TO ADMIT IT OR NOT. Regardless Of Our Objective We May Attempt To Be, There Will Always Be An Element Of Interpretation Based Upon Our Own Worldview. When it comes to the Ten Commandments, we can be assured that there is no difference, however, how we interpret a thing is another matter, because much depends upon what we are using for our interpretation—our own opinion or some other standard.

You can interpret the Ten Commandments anyway you like, if you want. Or you can seek to understand the true meaning of the Ten Commandments, as originally meant.

The Ten Commandments may have been known by the Buddha. As Siddhartha Gautama’s Four Noble Truths and his Eight-fold path appear to be an interpretation of the Ten Commandments. This is entirely possible because Moses did exist before the Buddha, who is believed to have been born no earlier than 563 BCE or probably 480 BCE and died 80 years later. Moses was born around 1526 BCE and died 120 years later, nearly some one thousand years before Siddhartha Guatama felt his first sense displeasure—the pain of birth.

The book Seeking God’s Voice compares the Buddha’s ideas with the Ten Commandments and demonstrates how the Four Noble Truths and the tenets of the Eight-fold path breakdown to corresponding to the Ten Commandments.

Rather than interpret the Ten Commandments according to one’s own understanding, it is best to be as objective as one can be, because the Ten Commandments are the standard of righteousness by which humans are going to be judged. After all, Jesus of Nazareth did say that Heaven and Earth would pass away before the Ten Commandments would (Matthew 5:18).

Actually, Jesus interpreted the Ten Commandments when He gave His Sermon on the Mount. Those who understand the Ten Commandments have no problem in grasping this, those who are ignorant of God’s truth herald different ideas in respect to the Beatitudes superseding the Ten Commandments. Yet the Ten Commandments are the only words that the Bible states God Himself wrote with His Own Finger.

The Ten Commandments Were Designed For You To Enjoy And Possess Life

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