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THE GOSPEL OF THOMAS IS PSUEDOPIGRAPHA AND NOT CONSIDERED RELIABLE. There Are Many Works That Have Circulated In The Past That People Like To Claim Are The Real Gospels Because They Do Not Like The Ones That Are Real. This is why people look for what does not exist and are quick to fall for the falsehoods that come their way.

Harry Riches
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As far as I know the Gospel of Thomas is classified as pseudepigraphia; although, I am told there are people who claim to be scholars who say that it is authentic. Associated with the likes of The Gnostic Society, they find the Gospel of Thomas suits their liking because it talks about esoteric happenings.

From the Nag Hammadi Library at the The Gnostic Society Library you will read the prelude to the Gospel of Thomas:
  • These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down.
In the introduction to The Gnostic Society’s website we find the following which basically points out why they are fascinated with the Gospel of Thomas:
In many of the Nag Hammadi Gnostic texts God is imaged as a dyad of masculine and feminine elements. Though their language is specifically Christian, Gnostic sources often use sexual symbolism to describe God. Prof. Pagels explains,
One group of gnostic sources claims to have received a secret tradition from Jesus through James and through Mary Magdalene [who the Gnostics revered as consort to Jesus]. Members of this group prayed to both the divine Father and Mother:
`From Thee, Father, and through Thee, Mother, the two immortal names, Parents of the divine being, and thou, dweller in heaven, humanity, of the mighty name...
The idea that there are secrets of the Universe and possessing some form of esoteric knowledge is what thrills those who go seeking fables.

The Bible really is about relationships and why people are unable to achieve the potential that they could if they were able to walk in the righteousness of God as originally intended.

There are no writings that are veritably attributed to Thomas. Interestingly, though, the Apostle, historically, started seven congregations.

As for the Bible there is evidence in what God gave to Moses through typology that the 66 books were to form the Holy Scriptures. Typology, of course, becomes something that is only understood by those who are prepared to accept it because they can see the validity of that to which it bears witness.

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