Tuesday, May 16, 2017

RIDICULOUS BIBLICAL LAWS THAT PEOPLE DISAGREE WITH. Naturally (or is it unnaturally) Some Behaviors Are Definitely Conspicuously Outrageously Contravene Biblical Laws. Nevertheless, there are some laws that seem to be irrelevant today.

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When it comes to the Bible, many focus on prohibitions and what they like to think of as ridiculous. The laws that were given to the Israelites may seem ridiculous to those who think going against nature is an act of brilliance or that children come from colons rather than uteri.

The Apostle Paul taught that which was written in the Old Testament was given for people’s instruction for salvation and right-living—this includes all the laws (ceremonial, civil, governmental, and natural) given to the Israelites. Bearing in mind that this was also an agrarian society, it is no wonder many of the statutes seem ridiculous to people who think eggs grow in cartons and fruit grows at the back of supermarkets.

Likewise, when it comes to hygiene, the Israelites did not have sewage treatment plants, so they were given a law about ablutions. Also when it came to eating shellfish, this was probably designed to guide people away from being poisoned because they ate something that filters pollution and is contaminated with disease.

The Laws Of God Are Nonsense To Those Who Think They Are Smarter Than He Is

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