Friday, May 12, 2017

GOD DOES NOT EXIST SAYS THE FOOLISH PERSON WHO IS GOES WITHOUT A NAME. This Is The Case Even Though The Proof For God Not Existing Is Non-existent. Many claim that there is no need for proof but because they cannot see God, He cannot exist, which is rather like a child saying that he cannot be seen because he has covered his eyes and cannot see you.

Faith is the evidence of things unseen. You probably mean wishful thinking rather than faith. As for your own testimony, if I learned you were a liar, any credibility you may have been granted would have been lost.

There are many liars who think they can deceive people and not be found out. In terms of anyone having evidence of there being no infallible god, this depends upon whom is being spoken. Many Hindu gurus claim they are gods. People actually worship them as gods. In such instances, proof of infallibility is not difficult to demonstrate.

However, if you claim that you have proof the Creator of the Universe, who set the Moon in motion around the Earth, and the Earth and Moon in motion around the Sun, is not infallible, I would expect you to have power over death. If you have not, then like your question, whatever claim you make is just as foolish.

There Has To Better Ways To Attempt To Disprove God Than Being A Fool

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