Friday, May 26, 2017

CHRISTIAN TEENAGER HAS CRUSH ON A MODEL WITH VITILIGO AND WANTS TO KNOW WHETHER THIS IS A HEALTHY STATE OF BEING. What Many People Think Is Innocuous May Not Necessarily Be So. Unfortunately, too many teenagers are caught up seeking someone to worship but do not realize that what they worship is unhealthy.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches Written Nov 14 Answer requested by anonymous

For you to answer your own question, you will need to understand what is sin. If you do not understand what is sin, you will not know whether what you are doing is sinful or not. (If you are deluded, you might even think that what you propose is a joke, but I will take you seriously.)

Laws are introduced when people refuse to abide by behavior that is beneficial to the common good of other citizens. Vandalism laws need to be introduced when people decide to damage other people’s property or public property, otherwise anarchy would reign and the only law that would exist is the law of the jungle—the most savage and the strongest survive until they are too decrepit to defend themselves against attackers.

Sin occurs when we violate the laws of God, of which there are ten, that were designed so people would know what is required of them in respect to the relationships they have with each other and their Creator.

A vandal, after having keyed a car, will walk off thinking that all is okay because he has not been caught. A thief will steal another person’s property and think himself (or herself) intelligent because he got away without being caught. Three youth, after bashing an old man and robbing him, will think they are really a cut above other morons who get caught. A rapist might think he can rape whoever he likes because of his position of power—such people do exist. Eventually, there does come a day of reckoning, regardless of how long a person lives—when the smiles are wiped of everyone’s faces. Eternity is a long time, and it would be grossly unfair if people were able to walk away from their sins without any accountability—don’t you agree?

Now if you understand the Ten Commandments, and are fully aware of their implications, then you will know whether your crush on your idol is sinful—a violation of the laws of relationship. If I were to tell you that your actions were not sinful, and they were, then you would want to know why. But then, maybe not. Likewise, the same may occur if I were to say they were sinful—but then maybe not.

The Ten Commandments Were Designed For You To Enjoy And Possess Life

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