Saturday, May 6, 2017

A PERSON ENJOYING THE BENEFITS OF SCIENTIFIC STUDY DOES NOT HAVE TO REJECT GOD. Maybe The Atheists And Other Unbelievers Of Justice, Truth And Love Might Prefer People To Deny The Reality Of The Creator, But This Is Not Necessary. Often it is difficult for people to realign with God through Lord Jesus Christ unless they really hate evil.

You ask about introducing yourself to Christianity. We are told by many people that Christianity is a belief system, like Hinduism or Buddhism or Islam or scientism. Why do you want to reintroduce yourself to a system of belief? Is this because you are so immersed in a system of belief of some kind and you see everything as a matter of belief?

Does the blue sky exist in reality? Or is this just a false belief?

To be a Christian means to belong to Christ. Belonging to Christ is the same as belonging to a family or, if you like, a community. Normally, when people belong to a group of other people (rather being raised by wolves) they have to have some interaction—some form or relationship. Becoming a Christian is no different. Except we are talking about being a member of the Body of Christ, which is a spiritual kingdom and not a worldly organization belonging to the Earth.

The word “Christ” means “anointed one”. Now to be anointed is to receive something. If you receive something, usually this means that you will know that this is the case.—If you are not sure, just pour oil over your head.

Even if someone poisoned you without your knowledge, you will know you have received the poison, when the poison starts to act. Most people usually receive things by acknowledging their willingness to accept what is being offered to them.
  • Behold, I stand at the door and knock; if any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and eat with him, and he with me. (Revelation 3:20)
  • He came to his own home, and his own people received him not. But to all who received him, who believed in his name, he gave power to become children of God. (John 1:11–12)
People receive indoctrination in secular ideology promoted through the propaganda system that is falsely called an education system.

True education is the drawing out of people’s potentiality as it matures, so they can be who they ought to be, and comfortably relate to people with a worldview that incorporates truth for the reason we exist.

Indoctrination systems always leave people unsure whether what they have been taught is really the truth. For instance, a person may ask the question, “What is the point in being born to die?” Or “I am told that if I do these rituals I will be saved, but why do I have no real assurance that this is the case?” Or “I can conceive of eternity, so why can’t I possess it?”

The Bible teaches that we live and move and have our being within the Universe that was created by the Creator. God created a place within Himself to create the Universe and place us within it on planet Earth.
  • For ‘In him we live and move and have our being’ (Acts 17:28)
God lives. We live. Except God does not live in us when we are born into this world, even though we live and move and have our being within Him.

Humans are created in the image of God. Therefore, we are gods, who are responsible for what we do and say. Unfortunately, we are fallen gods. We were created to be gods, but not in the sense that we are to be worshiped, rather that we would be devoted to each other and acknowledge the goodness of our Creator, who would have been all things to all men, if everything had gone according to plan and sin did not find a place in the heart of one of God’s creation.

One of the created entities did not appreciate the goodness of his righteous Creator and decided to throw a spanner in the works. The result is humans have since existed within an unseen, but felt, evil sphere of influence. Fortunately, this will change for those who have received the Son of God and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, so that they are received into the Body of Christ. These individuals will experience what was originally intended. On that day, expect the following:
  • “For God has put all things in subjection under his feet.” But when it says, “All things are put in subjection under him,” it is plain that he is excepted who put all things under him. When all things are subjected to him, then the Son himself will also be subjected to him who put all things under him, that God may be everything to every one.
Meanwhile, we have to discover for ourselves why we are here and how can we relate to our Heavenly Father. If like fish in a fishbowl, we are not aware of the fact that we are being watched by the rest of creation that exists beyond the blue sky that looks so solid, but in reality is merely a temporary illusion, this does not mean God cannot know us and we cannot not know Him.

Relationships are felt.Relationships are not experienced by reading about them. The Bible instructs us:
  • And he made from one every nation of men to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their habitation, that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel after him and find him. Yet he is not far from each one of us (Acts 17:26–27)
There are many people on this Earth, yet you are not aware of their existence. You are reading this, yet you know me not. But if we were in a relationship, we would have feelings for each other of some sort. For even in the most loose of friendships, there is a sense of attraction that is felt. This attraction would be very real to us, even to the point that we can differentiate between those whom we are attracted to more than others. Yet someone could come along and claim that what we say about how we feel about our relationships is rubbish. It might be to that person, but then that person is not part of the interaction that we have with any other person.

For us, and even scientists, the trouble is proving how we feel by producing our feelings and analyzing them under a microscope. We might not be able to do so, but our omniscient Creator probably can. Which is why we can appreciate that the inspired written word of God instructs us to feel after Him so that we might find Him.

The Only Words Written By God Are About Relationship, Why Dismiss Them?

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