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VIOLENCE IS SO COMMON THAT IT IS FOUND RECORDED IN THE NEW TESTAMENT. People Do Not Realize That The World Is Notoriously Violent When They Are Living In Their Little Cocoons.. Moreover the fact that violence exists as far as humans are concerned has nought to do with the Lord God, but to do with the Evil One.

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The question you ask demonstrates ignorance, because you know that the Crucifixion is an act of violence and Jesus said that everyone has to follow Him, which could be said to suggest that everyone is to die violently. But just so that you do not remain ignorant and cannot say that you did not know, there is violence spoken about in the New Testament. But are these violent teachings?

This world is under the influence of the Evil One and this is why violence exists on this Earth. Most people, if they were not influenced by the Evil One, probably would not be violent.

The New Testament teaches the god of this world blinds people from seeing the truth—being blinded against one’s will is a form of violence. Instead of acknowledging the truth that people are violent and lose their temper and are so frustrated with life (being born to die and being powerless to overcome death is futile after all), the unenlightened bow down to their god, who really controls their lives. Consequently, we see violence occurring everywhere, men raping young boys (falsely claiming that it is natural because animals do it), women bullying girls to have sex with them, men beating women, women harming men, heads being decapitated—the list of atrocities goes on.

According to humanists, humans are evolving into more intelligent beings. Yet archaeological discoveries have revealed that humans seem to have been more intelligent a few millennia previously. The ability to build stone structures beyond the capabilities of man today and fit massive blocks together with laser beam precision boggles the mind. The fact humans cannot do this today suggests humans are degenerating in intelligence rather than evolving into more intelligent beings. The moral behavior of people in the current day is further indication of this, also. The Ten Commandments has yet to be kept perfectly by human beings born of an earthly father (cf. Matthew 5:18).

When Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is taken by men of violence (Matthew 11:12), this is a reference to those who are possessed by demonic powers attempting to prevent the purpose of God being wrought on Earth. Violence is evident when the ground trembles from an earthquake or a volcano erupts. When these events occur, energy cuts loose, uncontrollably.

However, righteous execution of justice, although perceived by the corrupt and feeble-minded as violence, is really an unfortunate necessity to bring about peace. In saying this, the people of the world are going to be subdued by violent people who want to rule, not according to the righteousness of God, but to appease the god of this world.

What is written above can be found in the New Testament, regardless of which version one might consult, unless consulting pseudepigrapha of some sort. For in the main, the teaching of the New Testament is those who exercise obedience of faith will receive the love of God so that they can righteously interact with their fellows by walking in the light (1 John 1:7).

Of course, even though God is love, our Heavenly Father is also righteous, and righteousness requires judgment. Judgment may require what people think is violence to restrain the violent, when it is merely the Omnipotent One exercising justice.

Victory Over Violent Ones Is Possible For Those Who Truly Desire Eternal Life

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