Saturday, December 30, 2017

ATHEISTS HAVE TURNED A NEW LEAF AND HAVE FORSAKEN BEING PROGRESSIVE TO BECOME CONSERVATIVE, COMPASSIONATE AND CHARITABLE. Atheists Have Realized That Living A Life Of Futility Is Not Much Fun Therefore They Are Seeking To Find Significance In Good Works By Building Orphanages And Hospitals. Although if one does not possess eternal life and could die at any time, regardless of how much good work a person does, it is a meaningless effort ultimately.

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Happy Riches Answers request by Davey Morgan

There are many people who do not want to accept the truth about God and claim they are atheists. When there is only one bullet left in the chamber and all the empty clicks have gone, these individuals have a habit of suddenly realizing that their only option left is the hope that the Creator loves them and there is a better reason for existence than being born to die.

There are many hospitals that have atheists working in them. One could say that they are atheist hospitals.
Mostly, atheists appear to reject the idea that God exists because of the behavior observed of those who claim they believe in an Omniscient Creator. Pedophiles, fraudsters, hypocrites, Satanists and other evildoers are so commonplace among those professing religion, anyone with half-a-brain would reject organized religion and their gods. I did. Still do. But I am not an atheist. Reason says that the Omniscient Creator exists.

Orphanages and hospitals and many other institutions have originated from the compassion that people possess; people who believe in the goodness of God needing to be expressed through the actions of humans.

What is most notable is that most atheists tend to belong to the left side of politics. Yet we find that even though atheists are mostly liberal in their thinking, studies always come up with similar results to the poorer conservatives being more generous than wealthy liberals. Admittedly, living for oneself is all one has to worry about when the idea of eternal judgment by an omnipotent, omniscient Creator is rejected.
However, just because a person shuts their eyes, this does not mean that the world they cannot see has disappeared.

Generosity Is An Attitude Of The Heart And The Heart Is Where One Finds Oneself

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