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Meteor Explosion Sends People Into Confusion But The Evidence Becomes Too Much To Take.

Space junk (debris speeding past the planet upon which we live) supposedly crashes to Earth with some of it having been really, really, bigeven bigger than big, like the size of the fish that got away.

A meteorite supposedly fell near a town in Russia:

In the days after the explosion, meteorite hunters worldwide rushed to the remote area to try to find pieces of the impactor (which exploded high up in the atmosphere). Just three days after the explosion, on Feb. 18, 2013, the first reports came in that pieces had been found around Lake Chebarkul, 43 miles (70 km) north of Chelyabinsk. At that same location, scientists spotted a hole in the ice, which they also thought could be traced back to the impact.

As for being high up in the atmosphere, well, from the video, it did not look too high.

Eventually, as part of the propaganda exercise, a rock was found at the bottom of the lake and declared to be the remains of the exploding meteor, lest people were to begin thinking that this really was a missile explosion and not a meteor from outer space.

A little research andsurprise! surprise!there just happens to be a number of nuclear weapon manufacturing sites near Chelyabinsk, which is said to be the most contaminated place on Earth; a place where weapons of mass destruction are made.

When looking at videos of what is supposedly an explosion of rock, but looks more like a mini nuke exploding, questions are raised due to the lack of smaller rocks breaking windows; whereas, of this there is no doubt: everybody seems to agree that waves from the explosion caused the damage to the buildings.

The locals "probably" found some of the rocks, said the actor, so that viewers heard that there were locals finding rocks from the meteor.

Evidently, four Meteorites supposedly fell to Earth in Florida on Jan. 24, 2016; known as the Osceola Meteorites, they look like small pieces of charred wood. 

With the exception of Chelyabinsk (where the population has been unlucky enough to have meteors landingtest missiles explodingthere for years), these meteorites that supposedly fall, never fall over heavily populated areas, but conveniently in the unpopulated  areas.
NASA explains why:

While large impacts are fairly rare, thousands of tiny pieces of space rock, called meteorites, hit the ground each year. However, the majority of these events are unpredictable and go unnoticed, as they land in vast swathes of uninhabited forest or in the open waters of the ocean, Bill Cooke and Althea Moorhead of NASA's Meteoroid Environments Office told

​When one considers that there is a lot of science fiction involved in the presentations about what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future, a healthy dose of skepticism ​reminds us that anomalies are suggestive of bull dust rather than space dust.

Notably are the words used in the reports, "could have", "might have", "is likely to", "maybe", "probably have", etc, but no real evidence.

Pigs would fly, if only they had wings; and if this were to happen, this "could" mean disaster, for a once in a 100 year or 500 year (take your pick) event "just might happen".

You never know, a meteor might come crashing down upon you before you get hit by pigeon droppings, when unfortunate enough to walk under a flock of pigeons resting on power lines.

If thousands of tiny pieces of space rock were hitting the Earth every year, the truth is there would be many reports of something other than hailstones hitting populated areas.

Comets are apparently made of ice, and this could mean hailstones come from cometsbut you and I know the truth: hail is really frozen rain (water droplets) and not comets exploding

Nevertheless, some researchers think comets "might have" rained water on Earth, and changed the composition of the planetfrom a dust ball to having water so life could spontaneously emerge.

Every desert turns green and comes to life when drenched with water so the dormant seeds can sprout.

However, since there is some 60 thousand kilometers of dense radioactive belts that protect the Earth from space junk, and NASA is still attempting to work out how to travel through these belts safely​, we can appreciate that these belts were created to protect the blue planet from space debris; that is, things like comets and meteors.

If there were no Creator and existence were a matter of chance, there would be no reason for the protective belts to exist, but, as it happens, the Van Allen Belts are indeed very remarkable for a chance event.

Data gathered by the  probes [of 2012] also showed that the radiation belts shield Earth from high-energy particles. "The barrier for the ultrafast electrons is a remarkable feature of the belts," study lead author Dan Baker, of the University of Colorado in Boulder, said in a statement referring to an impenetrable barrier.

Now if these belts keep massive ​space ​rocks from crashing onto the cities of the world, one has to wonder how flimsy spacecraft are able to fly through them​, then return to Earth intact with very little wear and tear..

Assistant Professor in Physics & Astronomy, Jillian Scudder explains how the Allen Belts, before the inner most radioactive belt was discovered, posed no problems for astronaughts to travel through in the pastthe astronaughts navigated their way through them, not knowing they existed, as if they were driving on the bitumen road in a tunnel they carved through rock, as they traveled at 2000 miles an hour.

However, when we know the purpose of the Creation, we need not be taken in by the propaganda of those who reject the Creator or are easily bought to secure their jobs and keep their mouth shutmore people are keen to sign above the dotted line than you may think.

For the creation was subjected to futility, not willingly, but because of Him who subjected it, in hope that the creation itself will be set free from its bondage to corruption and obtain the freedom of the glory of the children of God. (Romans 8:21-23)

Science fiction is alive and well, and it is not only fishermen who tell big onesstories that cannot be established when people go-a-looking for the evidence to verify claims made.

​Unlike the stories of NASA, when an honest person goes looking into the Bible,  down-to-earth reasons are found as to why we are on this planet, which have a Heavenly origin, and are definitely not pie in the sky made on Earth.

Moreover, contrary to the opinions of the ignorati, verifiable scientific archeological findings always seem to prove the Bible to be historically accurate, as reported in Science Daily.

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