Friday, December 29, 2017

LIMITATIONS OF SCIENCE DO NOT STOP PEOPLE CALLING THEMSELVES SCIENTISTS FROM BEING OPINIONATED. Just Because Scientists Have Not Discovered How To Raise The Dead This Does Not Preclude The Possibility That The Dead Can Be Raised. More than this, there are many historical events that have occurred which cannot be proven to have happened by scientific means possessed today.

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Can science prove that God is able to raise the dead? Yes, if a person knows exactly how to do this. Otherwise: No!

Science cannot prove even how the Universe came into being. Theories are concocted. But a theory that becomes real truth is one that can be proven in the now—so when a scientist creates a universe out of nothing, then the theory ceases to be merely conjecture.

The truth is scientific theory is the same as a philosophical assumption. When proven it becomes factual.

Regarding the theories decrying the idea that the Earth stopped rotating, there is no need. The Creator is capable of providing what is tantamount to a mirror to provide sunlight for the those in a particular location, even though the Earth continues to rotate. Or even provide a bright light for the event. Compared to creating a Universe, making a night light would be child’s play.

Just because some people with limited abilities are unable to comprehend the Omniscience of the Infinite Creator, this does not discredit the Omniscient One.

What finite minds do is demonstrate their ignorance when they claim what they do not understand to be a myth. Meanwhile these same individuals claim their indemonstrable scientific theories are fact— not the myths they really are!

Indemonstrable scientific theories when proclaimed as unproven theories do not enter the realm of myth. But because these indemonstrable scientific theories are proclaimed as fact, they become myths!

Yet The Ten Commandments Exist And Humans Delight In Violating Them—Why?

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