Tuesday, December 19, 2017

PEOPLE WHO FOLLOW JESUS REFER TO THE LORD AS CHRIST. But Some People Who Follow Jesus Call Him The Lord. Many people refer to Lord Jesus as Christ. Is this a matter of preference or are other agendas being played out? Does it really matter?

Either way—whatever makes your boat float. Although, active voice is often preferred to passive voice. When it comes to academic writing, descriptive detail can mean the use of many prepositional phrases that necessitate the use of pronouns in order to express a particular fact to demonstrate that a peculiar aspect of thought has been understood in relation to the topic under consideration.

Occam’s razor is about eradicating nonsense; but, unfortunately, word count is often ascribed more importance.

Take your pick out of the following five, which includes your two examples:
  1. "People who followed Him referred to the Lord as Christ."
  2. "People who followed the Lord referred to Him as Christ."
  3. “People who followed Christ, referred to him as Lord.”
  4. “His followers referred to Christ as Lord.”
  5. “Followers referred to Christ as Lord.”
Essentially, those five statements possess the same meaning. However, depending upon the context of the paragraph, one statement may, but not necessarily, exhibit a more natural preference for conveying the sought after meaning over the other four modes of expression.

Following The Messiah Is About Life After Death With Reality Being The Focus

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