Thursday, December 7, 2017

SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS BEING FORCED UPON POPULATIONS AROUND WORLD WHERE CIVIL LIBERTIES ARE TAKEN FOR GRANTED. Not Content With Governmentally Recognized Unions That Carry All The Economic Rights Afforded Natural Heterosexual Marriages, But Intent On Bringing Civilization To Its Knees, Activists Want Total Control Over Human Affairs, And Will Stop At Nothing To Devalue The Sacred Nature Invested In The Union Of A Man And A Woman Being Declared Socially Sanctioned To Have The Right To Bring Forth Children From Their Unique Togetherness. Deceptively claiming equality, while discriminating against the rights of a man to cohabit with a woman with the aim of naturally reproducing the a new human being through the combination of DNA from the chromosomes imparted by the male and female, totalitarians instead would rather declare abhorrent ungodly anal sex between males and perverted female sexual activity to be normal natural behavior, as they attempt to break down the nuclear unit of the family; the nucleus of society, which provides the essential glue that holds civilization together.

In Australia the Same Sex Marriage Bill was passed into legislation on the 7th of December, 2017 and this has sent Bill Bonner into a state of convulsive shock. Expressing his thoughts on the very day that this travesty of human wisdom was passed by government fiat, Bonny Boy Bill vents his spleen and lets fly. He does not aim to create a mural of spotted walls or copy anything by Hoo Phlung Dhung.  But revulsed by the thought of human excrement being passed off as wisdom Billy Boy Bonner throws up.

Today Australia went down in infamy as the blackest day in political history since its foundation in 1788 as the so called leaders of this nation clowned around backslapping each other with self congratulatory smirks and applause amid cries of free love and more marriage as the Same Sex Marriage Bill was passed in Parliament under the banner of the rainbow a sign they hijacked from those that vehemently disagree with them. What a slap in the face of their Creator. All this to be progressive and keep pace with the rest of the world. What this really shows is Australian leadership, so called lacks moral fiber and originality of thought.

Turnbull, Shorten and all those in agreement with them in the Australian Parliament will be revealed and remembered in history as the worst representatives of the Australian people ever voted into Parliament. Oh I forgot Turnbull was not voted into government, he simply ousted the elected leader Tony Abbot, as is the want of politicians in this country. Howard did it to John Hewson, Keating did it to Hawke, Gillard did it to Rudd: all this without the approval of the Australian people. Of course they think they can because the Australian people by and large are politically apathetic and a nation deserves the turkeys that are served up to them. What a bunch of clowns; they don’t even know what nation they belong to. I hope Penny Wong doesn’t forget and accidentally returns to Malaysia.
She might end up on the end of a rope.

This is the type of leaders and leadership we have in our country. What a complete and utter joke.

Why should we celebrate Anzac Day any more? The fallen would be utterly ashamed of this generation and repentant that they gave their lives for this worthless lot. Why should we celebrate Christmas or Easter for that matter since it has become a mere hypocritical observance completely oblivious of everything that these celebrations signify.

While this circus was happening the true victims have been forgotten and overlooked; these are the young and yet unborn generations who will have to live with the horrendous implications of this hitherto untried sociological experiment, which can only end in disaster.

No clear thought has been given, no deep philosophical or theological effort has been undertaken to think ahead as to the terrible moral dilemmas that will face the generations yet unborn or of the rift that has been driven into the side of society to satisfy the immediate sensual gratifications of the morally bankrupt, whose agenda is to capsize society and leave it raped and pillaged of any moral worth, ultimately denying free speech and freedom of worship. This decision is the end of decent society and God will make those that did this thing pay and pay they will. God’s judgment is now on this nation. God help us all!

Bill Bonner
 There Is More To Life Than Being Born To Be A Beast

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