Monday, October 24, 2016

THE GREAT FLOOD IN THE BOOK OF GENESIS STILL LEAVES PEOPLE IN A STATE OF UNBELIEF. Amazing Evidence Exists That Verifies The Flood Of Noah. Still people question whether such an event could be real yet swallow the concocted story about evolution as fact.

Harry Riches

Happy Riches · Answer requested by Richard Easey

Some people approach the Bible with the presumption that it is codswallop. Likewise, I once thought that doctors could save lives. Then I learned my grandparents died.
When I recognized for myself the truth that people die and I would too, I realized that doctors cannot save lives. Doctors may prolong lives on Earth, but they cannot really save lives from death—yet this is the impression we get when told that doctors save lives.
Deceivers and the deceived adamantly insist on repeating the mantra that doctors save lives and the Bible is a myth. This is the case, even though in the good ol’ USA, iatrogenesis was responsible for 250,000 deaths in 2015 and medical misdiagnosis and treatment rates as the third leading cause of death these days. Whereas, contrary to the hostile mantra of the anti-Christians, the Bible is repeatedly proven to be historically accurate.
The question of evidence is always lacking when it comes to disproving the Scriptures and God's non-existence. Instead, theory, or garbage dressed up in a tuxedo and bow tie is spewed out as propaganda for the ignorant masses to consume.
If the eruption of Mount St. Helens could initiate a situation in which a canyon one-fortieth the size of the Grand Canyon was formed in one day, and the eruption of Mount St. Helens was by no means the largest ever (dwarfed by the last eruption measured at Yellowstone, which produced 2,000 times the explosive power), then what would a person expect to happen when the “fountains of the deep” were broken up and the entire world was covered by water as in Noah’s Flood? Surely, the evidence from Mount St. Helens shows that catastrophic origins of geological features like the Grand Canyon are a possibility. The ideology of those who refuse to acknowledge the Flood’s geological force demonstrates a refusal to be scientific and open-minded by those who claim to honest professionals. —But then we know people value power, prestige, position and pocket-money more than honesty.
Noah’s Ark has been found and rests in Turkey. However, this evidence is such that it means that every atheist and every person who hates the truth prefers it to remain where it is so people can be deceived. Yet when you watch the evidence in the video below, you will see that there is more to this than what people want to admit. Some significant experiments have been conducted and analyses made from the find. [NB. The last time I presented the video below on Quora it was down-voted and collapsed. Because the deceivers and the deceived who hate the truth do not want people to see this video.]
As for the many theories that abound, after reading Kuban’s biased attempt to debunk Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory, I decided to look into the theory myself. I came across Bryan Nickels explanation of the Hydroplate theory. I find it a more satisfactory explanation than any other theory I have encountered.
I have to confess that before I became a Christian I was an evil bastard. So I am not a gullible person who believes what people say, as I was not too inclined to trust people. Now I trust people to never let me down, and in the main they don’t.
Because I can trust every person to be selfish, conceited, deceitful and sinful.

Nevertheless, I will give everyone a chance to prove themselves and while they do demonstrate that they are genuine, I accept that their integrity is intact.
Honesty is a rare commodity, yet people vote for politicians and say it is alright if they are dishonest, because this is required to be elected. Likewise, scientists who claim a theory as fact are just as deceived or, if not, they are trying to deceive—and the gullible say that this is okay.
However, each one of us are on our own quests, unless we are content to accept that we are born to die, and before we do die, suffering is supposed to be what life is about. For those who are not as lucky as us, who are healthier and wealthier than the less fortunate, maybe suffering is not something we think about.
Everyone desires to be healthy, wealthy and wise and not just healthy and wealthy. As for being wise, the Book of Proverbs states that the beginning of wisdom is simply "get wisdom". The question becomes a matter of working out where one starts in order to become wise.
In respect to the flood mentioned in the Bible being worldwide, if I did not have the assurance of eternal life, I would be skeptical. But then I would also be skeptical about any theory developed by anybody to explain the obvious. For the obvious I can see, but the explanation, as soon as it leaves the realm of the five senses, if it cannot be truly proven now, it enters the realm of imagination and The Brothers Grimm—whose stories gave me nightmares as a child.

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