Thursday, October 13, 2016

DREAMS CAN BE VERY PROPHET AND SOME PEOPLE HAVE DREAMS OF JESUS. Dreams Can Be A Means By Which God Can Reach A Person Who Otherwise Would Not Be Receptive To His Message. Not every dream is from the Eternal One; often dreams are just a surfacing of our subconscious desires into the realm of our consciousness.

Harry Riches
Harry Riches Answer requested by Mustafa Aqeli

Although, Jesus has appeared before me on a number of occasions, I cannot recall actually seeing Him in a dream. The only dream that I have had that concerned Jesus was about His return. However, I did not actually see Jesus Himself in the dream. Nevertheless, the dream was very helpful to me, even if it was somewhat alarming.
This dream occurred when, for the first time, I had heard that there was going to be a rapture and people were going to be caught up in the air to meet Jesus in the clouds. I thought that this had been produced in "wacko land" and rejected the idea as delusional. The account follows.
After I became a Christian, I eventually went to two meetings of a traditional congregation which were supposed to be enlivened. After talking to the people, and hanging out at their "after party", where the topics of conversation were trivial and I was given the impression that MAD magazine was where their source of spiritual enlightenment, I thought that if this is what Christianity is about, I would definitely not be hanging around churches.
Some months later, I attended a meeting that really was enlivened; the kind where you felt that the walls were moving with the tuba and roof-tiles were doing a jig in time with the floorboards. But when it came to the preaching, I thought the preacher was stark raving mad. On the way home, I resolved not to attend again.
Somewhat amazingly, I did attend a second time—a week later. This time a different person preached. Unlike the first preacher, this second dude was not stark raving mad, he was just insanely mad. I thought he had come out of "cloud cuckoo land". This clown was speaking about people being caught up in the clouds to meet Jesus riding high on a white horse. And I was not going ask him whether it was Arabian, American or Camarillo. I just wanted to get out of there.
That night I had my only dream about Jesus. I did not see Jesus, though. I woke up and all the hair on my body was standing on end. I felt like all my skin had been burned off. Initially, I was in a panic but quickly realized where I was. I had just been pulled up in the air by a suction force to meet Jesus in the clouds. That dream was so real.
To be succinct, before I was pulled up in to the air, I heard thunders speaking to me. I saw the country where Jesus supposedly appeared on Earth. A lightning strike hit the particular country.  The news went worldwide.  Radio and television broadcasts began filling the airways saying that Jesus has returned to Earth. I was running across the ocean to see Jesus and suddenly, along with others, I was pulled up in the air to meet him. I felt as if my skin was being burned off and something strange was happening to my body.
There are two salient things, of which I was not aware, that were in the dream that can be found in the New Testament: the thunders that spoke and a false Jesus (Antichrist) appearing on Earth before He returns—the real Lord Jesus was in the clouds.
The person preaching about Jesus believed that this rapture would occur before the revealing of the Antichrist. Apart from being caught up in the air, nothing else in that dream was mentioned by the preacher. So what I saw in that dream was not a regurgitation of what the person preached.
That was the only dream I have had concerning Jesus and, although I did not see Him, it was about His Second Coming. The details of the dream, having found them in the Bible, convinced me that the dream was from God.

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