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HARRY POTTER IS A BOOK ABOUT MORALITY. Harry Potter Is Also A Book That Lures Children Into Believing Ideas That Are More Real Than Fantasy Is Thought To Be. The ignorance of some people boggles the mind when we are told humans are intelligent beings.

As Eliezer Yudkowsky put it, "You and I both know that it would take us five minutes to produce a book that offers a more coherent and compassionate morality than the Bible does. Even Harry Potter is superior to the Bible... as moral philosophy."
Do you agree or disagree with him? Why?

Harry Riches
Harry Riches · Answer requested by Robert Neumann

Actually the Ten Commandments are clearly stated. From what I have read of the answers, not a person who has answered your question, to date, indicates evidence of actually knowing the Ten Commandments or what they truly mean.
So you are saying that Harry Potter is a better deal than the Ten Commandments. Like the others who support your view, you are not speaking from a rational perspective. People love to scoff at the Ten Commandments and pronounce their judgment upon what is written in the Bible. Yet let the person who has not sinned cast the first stone. Or the one who possesses omniscience.
If Harry Potter did not contain any morality or virtue such as good triumphing over evil, it would be a dead book. Rowlings would be joining the occultists and would be as popular as the head priest from the Temple of Set.
The reality is everybody knows that morals are something we need; yet most people are so ignorant that they forget that morality is what makes life wholesome. This “up yours, I will do what I want” attitude does not work for peace and harmony in the home or in the workplace or on the field. The daily news broadcasts tell us this. Yet most of the people who bag the Bible are pawns of the Devil in the game of life or death. The only ones who win are those who discover how to have power over death.
As for taking five minutes to produce the Bible—try it!
Scripts of the Harry Potter genre are a dime a dozen. Rowlings was lucky to get hers on center stage. There are many writers who produce excellent material, but they do not get the same opportunities. Oft times they are before their time—and struggle as Rowlings did before her break. Timing or good fortune does not avail everyone.
Myself, I have no interest in fiction. I seek truth. Having encountered Lord Jesus Christ personally, and having received the joy that is promised in the Bible, I then began to read the New Testament. I began to learn what was written in the Bible, asking the Lord God to reveal me what I need to know and what it means. I have learned also there are many who think the Bible not worth the paper it is written on, just as I once did. But that was when I was ignorant.
Archaeologists have been proving the accuracy of the Bible over and over again. However, most of those who are opinionated, who feel comfortable with the other opinionated fools (as the Bible calls them), of which I was one once, are at pains to scoff and demonstrate their ignorance. These people refuse to genuinely attempt to disprove the Bible’s historical claims, preferring to quote anything that supports their belief.
History tells us how humans have acted; the Bible is no different. However, the Bible also informs its readers that only those who are genuine and earnestly desire to know the truth are the ones to whom God will reveal Himself. Each one of us has until the time we die to do this; for according to the Bible: after death in this life comes judgment in the next.
Harry Potter has what answer about life and death? The fables about witches and sorcerers. However, even if you dismiss the occult, if you knew how many people are influenced by the god of this world, you would crying out for mercy yourself. Why? Pride will send you to a place that you do not want to go. And it is real.
I have only watched some of Harry Potter on video. Fantasy bores me. But then I see the real world that transcends the material realm, which is like the blue sky of the day that does not really exist. There are beings that would really scare you if they appeared before you. They can pick you up and throw you around like a rag doll. I have experienced being tossed up and thrown around when one came out of me. So scoff as much as you like. Freedom is something you are only aware of once you really have it. Not having lungs, as a fish out of water dies; not having gills, a human cannot survive like a fish in water; the result is death. A metamorphosis is required—like that of a tadpole becoming a frog.
Eternal life transcends death. But if we haven’t got the assurance of eternal life, the life we live on this Earth is really spiritual death. People can laugh about death. Those of us who are honest, know it is waiting for us. What happens after death is not found in a Harry Potter book or film. It is written in the Bible. We can rely upon our pathetic amount of limited knowledge to refute this: after death comes judgment. Or we can be honest in our ignorance and acknowledge that in case there is judgment after death, it is better to obtain mercy from the judge before the judgment.
Rowlings does not provide a historical account of anything. Rowlings provides some fiction for the gullible to escape and believe everything will be alright. Read the book. Watch the video. Even if they are read and watched again; there are no assurances given; nothing of eternal significance is to be found.
Rowlings does not provide prophecy. She provides a narrative of children’s stories that are based upon good and evil—similar to accounts of good and evil provided in the Bible, only without the prophetic element. Instead, there is the subtle deception that you have nothing to fear, so live your own fictions. Rowlings does not account for the true purpose of existence, because it is all about another world—a fictitious world—even though it promotes the innate hope, which exists in most of us, that good will triumph over evil.
The Bible explains our reason for existence. The Bible records God’s dealings with humankind. The Bible contains prophecy that has come true and is coming true today—just look at the existence of Israel; a nation that was never thought to exist again. The historical account of the Bible is proven. Noah’s Ark has been found—even if knowledge of the find is suppressed. The Red Sea Crossing has been found with the evidence of chariots and horse hooves. Once more knowledge of the evidence is suppressed. Why? God allows it because he is looking for those who truly want the truth and are prepared to seek Him; individuals who desire truth instead of personal fictions. Importantly, the Bible tells us that there is an assurance available—the question is always: How much do you really want it?

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