Saturday, October 15, 2016

LOVE OF PORNOGRAPHY, PERVERSION AND WEIRD FANTASIES CAUSES A PERSON WHO ASSOCIATES WITH JEHOVAH WITNESS TEACHING TO QUESTION RIGHTEOUS LIVING IN PARADISE. Many People Fantasize About Porn And Perverted Activities Not Realizing That Their Minds Are Being Influenced By The Spirit Of Evil One. The idea that Paradise is a place of righteous living and feelings of euphoria escapes their debased minds.

So Revelation 7 says that only 144000 people are going to heaven. In the promised paradise, which I am assuming will be right here on Earth, will there be leather, porn, dildo's, whiskey, meat, disabilities, money, business? Will people become herbivores? What will flies and lions eat?

Harry Riches
Happy Riches, Answers

You ask "What will people be doing in paradise?" Then you go on to state: In the promised paradise, I am assuming will be right here on Earth, will there be leather, porn, dildo's, whiskey, meat, disabilities, money, business?
Obviously you have a fascination with leather, porn and dildoes (or is it what a dill does.) Your interest in being disabled by whiskey and longing to possess money for a meat business is very carnal indeed.
Tragically, your mind is consumed with fleshly thoughts. Yet you imagine that there might be a paradise. This suggests that you might be thinking that paradise is different to the life that you live now.
Fortunately, there is hope while you have life. For while you have life here and recognize that basically, unless they are free from those constraints, what people do is the beckoning of those who employ them or own them.
Paradise is about being free to enjoy life in all its beauty. This is an endless state of unimaginable delights beyond anything that you have imagined. Yet you want to be caught up in the unsatisfying lusts of biological degradation. You want to be enslaved to mammon and your master, the god of this world, who controls you.
Freedom is about choices and experiencing the continual joys of life. Paradise is freedom from those things that wreak havoc upon your biological existence and create torment in your soul.
For those of us who experience the joy of salvation, we begin to learn how much more the freedom from lust has to offer and look forward to having an ever growing capacity for experiencing greater joy.
Notably you did not mention love. Yet you mentioned leather, porn, dildos, whiskey and money. Love is more addictive. However, you have to find love first to experience the wonder of its presence. The Bible tells us God is love. When you experience love, true love, you will begin to realize the existence of God. Until then everything else is merely a virtual reality of could be. When you experiences the love of God, you truly long for more. There is nothing that surpasses God’s love for you. So why reject Him.

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