Thursday, October 6, 2016

AMERICA: THE LAND THAT HAS A TOWN NAMED BETHLEHEM BUT NOT THE ONE WHERE THE SAVIOR OF MANKIND WAS BORN. If Only People Really Got Serious About Seeking The Truth. Sadly, too many people are caught up in what they see on television or hear on the news.

Harry Riches
Harry Riches Answer requested by Freddy Gonzalo

The question is whether you want the truth or not. You may have heard a song or someone make such a claim on the basis that it is good to start a myth. However, if you want the truth (which I do not think you do) you would not consider such a question. For the Bible is clear where Jesus was born. Jesus was definitely not born in the Bethlehem found in Pennsylvania, USA.

What you really need to do is find out why people who have encountered the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ say that they are born of Him. These are usually people who realize that if the dead are not raised, there is no hope for anyone. Once this idea lights up in their minds, they begin to search the literature to see if there has been any historical figure who is said to have been raised from the dead and did not die again.

The biggest myth that exists is propagated by those who have not yet discovered the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. Not only did the Son of God take on human form in the child born of the virgin Mary, but He was also the first to be born from the dead. I know this is true for two reasons.

One, the historical literature testifies that only Jesus of Nazareth was crucified without sin and rose from the dead in accordance to the Old Testament prophecies, and was seen by hundreds of people afterwards.

Two, since I was told that Jesus was alive, I sought Him myself. After an earnest endeavor, Jesus appeared to me. He imparted the joy of Salvation to me, and this has remained, forming an assurance within my being that I have eternal life.

The Ignorance Of People Is Not Amazing It Is Terrifying, For They Know Not

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