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SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE DISPROVES CLAIMS THAT WOMEN COME FROM THE RIB OF A MAN. The Claim Is Difficult To Disprove If A Person Was Not Present When God Made Man. Just because men and woman have the same number of ribs does not deny Eve was not created from the rib of Adam.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches · answers

Many women are offended at the notion that they exist because of a man was created before them. But as usual offence is something that is taken and not given.
The fact that some women are not offended demonstrates that they are obviously more mature than those who are offended. Self-victimization is masochism and not the result of sadistic impulses by other people, especially when it comes to referencing material that has been written thousands of years before the twenty-first century.
You say that clearly all men and women come from the womb. Are you implying that a woman was the first human being contrary to what the Bible records?
Has it escaped you that a human being is born as the result of one sperm cell and one egg cell intermingling? Or should I say, Are you not cognizant of the requirements for a spermatozoon to penetrate the ovum of a woman before a human can begin to be?
Without the sperm penetrating the egg, the egg is dead. So what came first, the sperm or the egg? Without either there would be no humans coming out of wombs.
When we read the Bible without our “eyes being wide shut” the truth is sometimes illuminated. The words “God made man in His Own Image, male and female He created them” tell us much more than a man was made and then a woman was cloned from his rib but given ovaries instead of testes—a vulva instead of a phallus.
Some might say that this is ying and yang (e.g. Ed Mezvinsky telling Vogue his wife Chelsea Clinton was 'the yin to my yang') or just a positive and a negative. Then again, we could learn to accept that the Omniscient One is more clever than the most learned and cleverest of any mortal who has lived. The Bible records what the Omniscient One has done.—The fact not all can work it out, even if they think themselves geniuses, merely demonstrates their ineptitude.
If a person is truly scientific, they might seek to find out how something is done. Pseudo-scientists regurgitate what they read concerning other people's assumptions and pontificate about what they do not know.
Science is about learning how to duplicate what is found in our natural surrounds. In this respect, much headway has been made when it comes to understanding how a human cell functions. But science is not the domain of “Why” things exist.
Humanly speaking, the domain of why we exist is the domain of philosophers. It is also the domain and prerogative of each one of us to find our why we exist. For we all have the ability to be philosophers and develop a rationale that is consistent with the truth for our existence.
We do not exist because we popped out of a womb, although there are those who will declare that this is the case. When all considerations are considered, it appears we exist to discover why we exist. It just so happens that according to the Bible this is why we are born.
  • The God who made the world and everything in it, being Lord of heaven and earth, does not live in shrines made by man, nor is he served by human hands, as though he needed anything, since he himself gives to all men life and breath and everything. And he made from one every nation of men to live on all the face of the earth, having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their habitation, that they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel after him and find him. Yet he is not far from each one of us, for ‘In him we live and move and have our being’; as even some of your poets have said, ‘For we are indeed his offspring.’ (Acts 17:24–28)
God created man, male and female, and even though there are two accounts given in the Bible, they are not contradictory, they are complementary. One tells us God created us in His image, male and female. The other tells us how God did it—except not in scientific terms created by man. Nevertheless, we can accept that the woman was cloned from the man and together they were told to multiply. Unfortunately, a particular individual did not take kindly to the benefits that were to be bestowed upon the MAN (male and female), for they were two and possessed freewill so they could be one. And, in doing so, they could create a third. Something the greatest creature created up until that time could not do.
Admittedly, the fact patriarchy has been predominate historically causes feminists angst; because they desire to usurp the natural order where testosterone tends to rule over estrogen in the battle of the chemicals. However, it is not about chemicals, for it were, women would not have a choice. The lion would always rule his pride.
Noted is the silence of feminazis when it comes to those women who have to share their husband with three other wives against their will. Whereas those who believe that God made a man and a woman to become one, and represent the unity of God, the feminazis abhor and challenge this practice. Blinded by their beliefs, what the feminazis overlook, if they ruled and exterminated all males, there would be no men to further the continuation of the race, and no womb would be giving birth to a baby.
Any woman who denies herself her God-given right to experience what ought to give her the greatest pleasure, indulges in self-victimization. Unfortunately, the world is controlled by the supreme protagonist of sadism. This personage was the first to sin, to deceive, and to commit murder. This ungrateful traitor also promotes continual maleficence among all humanity. Those who are under the Evil One’s influence need not succumb to his fictions. They can overcome them by seeking out the Lord God, Creator of Universe, and discover for themselves fulfillment that compensates for their loss of integrity and well-being and condemnation to death—that is, if they truly desire the truth.
The reason why a woman ought not, and need not, be offended that God made man—male and female He made them—is this is where the blessing is to be found. For no child has been born from a womb without the man’s seed—that is, apart from Jesus of Nazareth.

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