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GENEALOGIES ARE IMPORTANT FOR PEOPLE WHEN IT COMES TO PROCLAIMING THEIR ANCESTRY. Bloodlines Are The Supposedly The Reason Why Some People Are Superior Than Other People. But is the blood of humans really that much different to other humans.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches answers question by Alex Young.

When it comes to understanding the Bible, the first thing a person needs to do is be reconciled to God through a personal encounter with Lord Jesus Christ. The next requirement is the baptism of the Holy Spirit so that a person can be taught the truth of the Scriptures. These truths need to be experiential if they are to be significant. This is why the issue of genealogies is frowned upon.
  • But avoid stupid controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels over the law, for they are unprofitable and futile. Titus 3:9
Nevertheless, since I have been requested to give an answer, and I can provide some of what the Lord God has revealed to me, I shall.

Matthew's genealogy begins with Abraham. Luke's genealogy goes back to Adam. This is one of the distinguishing features between the two genealogies.

The reason Matthew's genealogy begins with Abraham is the promise was given to Abraham. For those who are biblically literate, this is understood as the defining feature of the Abrahamic Faith. For those who are sons of Abraham are Sons of the Promise and Sons of Faith.

Faith is not the religious culture into which a person is born. Faith is not a belief system that manifests in doctrines or philosophical ideals. Faith is something that a person has to exercise in a practical expression that accomplishes a set task. Faith arises from the knowledge that something exists and can be achieved. This is manifest in a promise.

A promise is given to a person by a promissor. It comes with a definition and, therefore, possesses conditions. There is really no such thing as an unconditional promise that is given by one person to another. By its very nature, a promise is statement of commitment that invokes hope. For a promise is a commitment to provide certain goods or meet certain criteria under specified conditions. A promise provides hope when it creates expectations within the one to whom it is given. The amount of trust a person has in the promise of another is dependent upon the strength of the relationship and the conviction that the promissor will deliver on the promise.

Faith is based upon the assurance of that which is promised coming to pass and the conviction held concerning the promissor's integrity in honoring his word. Faith in God is based upon the conviction that He will always keep His word.

The Genealogy in Matthew is therefore a genealogy of those who possessed faith among the descendants of Abraham that God would bring forth the promised seed. Consequently, we learn that Joseph had to believe that the virgin whom he was about to marry was pregnant with the child of the future Messiah and not the child of another man.

Now for a man to find that the woman to whom he is betrothed is pregnant, and still a virgin, beggars belief. This is contrary to the understanding of man. This is unscientific. This is preposterous. Yet, this man had to exercise belief in the promise of God to his forefather Abraham that he was going to be responsible for the rearing of the Promised Seed. The significance of this in the salvific plan of God is more than most people realize.

The Genealogy of Matthew would be better understood as the Genealogy of Promise that is given to the faithful who choose to call upon the Lord God at some point in their life, so that He can bring about His will. Considering that God has to work with freewill and contend with an adversary who is always attempting to destroy His plan, this is no walk in the park. Give Glory To GOD. For as is evidenced by the woman included in this Genealogy of Matthew, the Lord God is not to be thwarted: those who are of faith shall be justified by faith and those who have no faith, shall be cast out.

Our Heavenly Father has already worked out the end from the beginning. This is what happens when One possesses omniscience and can achieve all things according to the counsel of One's will. One is able to keep One's promise. For there is no other Omniscient One besides God. The missing descendants in Matthew's Genealogy are the ones who missed out on securing their salvation. For this is the genealogy of God's promise seed, Lord Jesus Christ.

Whoever is born of God. Whoever is born from above. Whoever is born again spiritually. These ones also have their name in the book of promise, the book of life, the book of the Lamb of God. For they are truly sons of Abraham, according to the promise. The Genealogy of Matthew is a record of how God keeps His promise.

The Promise Of God Is Given To All Who Understand The Simple Truths Of Life

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