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BUDDHA PROPHESIED ABOUT JESUS BUT ONLY IF SOMEONE MADE IT UP. Buddha Has No Concept Of Who The Son Of God Is, If He Did He Would Not Have Preached Futility. There is more to life than trying to avoid suffering, especially when people can overcome suffering and death.

From “Good News for Buddhists,” by Paul Wagner, p. 51.
“I saw the One Eternal True God! This Eternal God is the Son of Mary, a Virgin Mother; but He will die by being pierced through with spear and sharp iron weapons. But this God, though He dies, possesses Eternal Life, that means He lives forever."

Harry Riches
Harry Riches Answers

Buddha tried in vain to discover something better than this life. Unfortunately for Buddha, rather than seeking the truth, he settled for his observations of what happened in the lives of the people around him. The Buddha’s observations are summed up as: we are born, we suffer, and we die; what a miserable existence; surely there is a way out, but I have yet to find it. The Buddha did not know of the One Who Is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
For the Buddha, Siddhārtha Gautama, to be a true prophet, he would have had to have been a man who knew God. Unfortunately, he shunned the Lord God. Gautama saw gods as the creation of man because that is what Hindu gods are; after all, he was a Hindu who renounced his Hinduism.
Because of the Buddha’s renouncing of Hinduism, and the many myths that are associated with Siddhārtha Gautama, such a story claiming that he acknowledged Lord Jesus Christ could easily be confused with another guru who was a Hindu god.
This particular Hindu god was worshiping a cow, but got attacked and thought to himself, “If the holiest of holy creatures attacks me when I am worshiping it, what sort of a god is this.”

This person designated by devotees to be a god worthy of worship became a Christian after he had an encounter with Lord Jesus Christ. “In his book Death of a Guru, Rabi Maharaj clearly points out the truth that Hinduism and Christianity are NOT the same. Rabi came to realise he was not God nor was the cow he worshipped.”
Buddha, unfortunately, as much as he tried, he could not even come close to what Moses was given on the Holy Mount. Even the four truths and the precepts of the eight-fold path do not measure up to the Ten Commandments when the two statements are put under the microscope. This is to be expected because one statement to the path that purports to lead to life was written by a man. The other statement explains what is required for people to possess life was written by God Himself.
However, what is amazing is the amount of nonsense that people are prepared to believe in when it comes to putting things into practice. Like Buddhists who claim they can fly and astral plane around the world, yet have to still use aircraft. Or, the Dalai Lama, who is the reincarnation of many previous Lamas, having to go to school to learn.

Jesus, on the other hand, did not go to school, yet we learn that he demonstrated His intelligence to the priests of His day at the age of 12, and they were amazed at His understanding.
The Buddha is accredited with making a number of prophecies (Buddhist - Prophecies - Mission of Maitreya). The prophecies of the Buddha appear to be less about hope and more about despair. This is in line with his belief that people have to avoid suffering and try and escape the cycle of transmigration that each one has to go through over the eons. The only life the Buddha knew was the one he had here. From his observations, it was pitiful. Suffering and death were the only certainties.
The Maitreya of which Buddhism speaks is not Lord Jesus Christ. If Buddha had prophesied about Jesus, he would have been like Abraham. For Jesus said that Abraham saw His day and rejoiced (John 8:56). Abraham knew the Son of God. Bad luck about the Buddha, though.
As for the claim from “Good News for Buddhists,” by Paul Wagner, p. 51. this appears to be false.

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