Monday, October 17, 2016

MYTHS ABOUND ABOUT RELIGIOUS FIGURES LIKE BUDDHA, MUHAMMAD, JESUS AND OTHERS. How Can We Sought Out The Myth From The Fact. One fact that appears to be true is they all lived on Earth at one time.

E.g., God allowing Jesus to heal the sick, raise the dead or walk on water.

Harry Riches
Harry Riches · Answer requested by anonymous

You pose an interesting question. I have noted that there are many Muslims who pray to Allah, or in the name of Muhammad, and even to Muhammad, and find that they do not get their requests answered. The same has happened among Buddhists who pray to Buddha. But when they pray to Jesus their prayers are answered.

Historically, Jesus is the only person of whom it has been recorded that He rose from the dead and did not die again. Maybe this could be the reason why Muhammad and Buddha are unable to answer supplications made to them today. They did not rise from the dead.
Now if Jesus healed people when He was on Earth, as recorded in the Bible, we would expect that if He has risen from the dead, He would heal today. The following video provides some real time evidence of Lord Jesus Christ doing some healing in accordance to what He stated in the Bible.  Horrific Healing lip and vaginal cancer
Jesus is Lord. But only for those who have faith not a wish or a belief in a philosophical assumption. Faith requires action. Atheists hate this. They have to ban this video from whatever site they can.

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