Saturday, August 6, 2016

SCIENCE HAS AN AMAZING TRACK RECORD FOR PROVING THE BIBLE CORRECT. Yet People Often Wonder Why Do Religions Always Seen To Change Because Of Science But Not The other Way Around? Could this be because these people do not understand that they have been conditioned to criticize religion?

For example; interpretation of scriptures change because of science but all science seems to be completely uninfluenced by the way religion looks at things. Now we say some things in holy books are impossible or just metaphor and accept it but originally it was considered literal
Science is very similar to religion.

True religion is actually the quest for the truth. True science is the quest for the truth.
Unfortunately, we see scientists (if they can be called that) promoting dogma the same as religionists (who are not seeking the truth) promote dogma.

Two examples are the dogma of Anthropogenic Global Warming (Climate Change) and the dogma of the theory of evolution.

The evidence to support both these dogmas is fudged and promoted as absolute truth. For instance the global warming that is supposedly occurring from climate change has not been happening, and scientists believe that we are really about to head into another mini ice age.

In religion we see people promoting dogmas as absolute truth. The Roman Catholic Church promotes its "One True Church" claim as the absolute truth. The Calvinists promote their TULIP doctrines as absolute truth.

Islamists promote the writings of Mohammed as absolute truth. Hinduism is syncretic and will incorporate new ideas into its system of belief but only to a point--caste is something that one is born into and should not be changed.

Buddhism is a philosophy based on observations (the scientific method) and yet many worship the Buddha. However, Buddhism is a philosophy and dogmatic, just as much as science.

The Bible is contested by ignorant people as being a myth. Yet if those individuals were genuinely scientific they would find there is historical evidence among the artifacts that exist that verify the Bible's record as being true.

To assert that all religions change because of science is false. Those who scientifically investigate the claims of the Bible become Christians. Those who are merely opinionated do not.

There needs to be a distinction made between the religions of Christendom and what the Bible actually teaches. Roman Catholicism teaches that the Bible is insufficient in its revelation of God. There are many among Protestants who tend to reject certain scriptures (as do the Orthodox Churches) while claiming they are Sola Scriptura (Scriptures only).

The key feature of New Testament theology rests upon this fact: Jesus said that if people did not believe what Moses wrote then they would not believe that God raises the dead. 

More to the point, people who do not accept what God wrote will not believe God exists.

What did God write?

However, if you understand the Ten Commandments you would have to at least memorize Exodus 20:1-17. If you have not done that then you cannot begin to understand them. For unless they are contemplated you cannot understand them.

The Ten Commandments are the only words that are attested anywhere to have been written by Lord God Almighty Himself. Therefore, if God wrote the Ten Commandments and a person were to memorize them and genuinely sought to understand them and see what they meant, then that person would be truly seeking the truth. Not to do so and make any claim otherwise merely says a person is a false witness. Or as the Bible states: an opinionated fool.

Nobody has been able to keep the Commandments yet. Most people fail on every one of them. Become a scientist and falsify that statement.

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