Monday, August 29, 2016

DINOSAURS ARE CREATURES THAT ARE MOSTLY EXTINCT EXCEPT FOR CREATURES LIKE CROCODILES. Sea Creatures Were Alive And Swimming When The Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth. Some dinosaurs were extremely large and others were not so big. The Bible speaks of dinosaur-like creatures but nobody is sure what they are really.

The Bible calls bats birds, porcupines reptiles and whales fish. But the leviathan has a physical and lifewise more detailed description that do not apply to a whale or crocodile at all, as well many comparisons. Why people keep repeating this big illiterate error?
The bombardier beetle is an example of what a creature can do. The idea that fiery dragons are biological impossibilities, therefore a myth, does not hold water when consideration is given to what the bombardier beetle is capable of doing. The bombardier beetle illustrates that a type of crocodilian, fire-breathing, Komodo dragon could have existed. Instead of fire-creating abilities located in its posterior, such a dragon would have had the capabilities of the bombardier beetle placed in its head above its nostrils. A fire-breathing dragon having existed is plausible. Besides Leviathan, a similar dragon could have had wings and flown.

Apart from many people not wanting to believe the truths within the Bible and its historical accuracy, they find it impossible to accept something that they are not familiar with exists. Hence, because there are no fire-breathing dragons known to be alive today, Leviathan had to be a crocodile or a hippopotamus. Anything that suggests dinosaurs, or other creatures that might indicate dinosaurs could have lived among humans, must not be permitted.

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