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PEOPLE ARE RENOWN FOR BEING DISHONEST. People Who Are Dishonest Cannot Be Trusted. Yet we trust other people because who else can we trust. This being the case, surely we should be able to trust the Bible.

Harry Riches
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What really makes the Bible stand out more than any other book that claims to be factual is the prophecies. They just keep coming to pass. So much so that many historians claim books of the Bible have been written after the fact.

Fallible human historians have problems with the Bible being more than just a factual document. This is because of the many prophecies that have come to pass testify that the Bible has been inspired by an Omniscient Intelligent Being that could see into the future. This means that unlike other books written by fallible humans that possess personal biases, the Bible is actually an authoritative work.

Many people like to pick fault with the bits of the Bible that they do not understand and many make false claims. This is because they are biased, just like the many people who are merely fallible creatures that cannot be trusted. Yet, alarmingly, many of these fallible creatures are referred to as authorities.

Economists are renown for making predictions. Economists are renown for getting their predictions close to 100% wrong. These are people who assess history, philosophy, sociology, microeconomics, macro economics, financial statements and trends; yet they are hopelessly inaccurate when it comes to forecasting the future.

The Bible contains prophecies that come to pass and people say that this is subject to personal bias. Yet those historians, who actually study the Bible as history, say that it is too factual, therefore the book has to be a record of events that have already happened. Now that is not exactly personal bias when it comes to making accurate predictions; but when it comes to the views of the historians, these have personal bias—so can historians be trusted?

In conclusion, we could say the reason the Bible is considered factual is that the prophecies had to have been written after the event because humans are incapable of predicting the future with such accuracy. If the prophecies are acknowledged, then the Bible's divine inspiration has to be acknowledged. For some that is just too much to handle. Dr Hugh Ross cites thirteen prophecies that can be found at this link here.

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