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ADULTERY IS SO COMMONPLACE THAT TO DEFINE IT IS CONSIDERED AN ANACHRONISM. People Even Consider Sin To Be Anachronism. Because of this we know society as we know it today is on its last legs, for sin exists and so does adultery. There is no way to hide this fact.

He isn't seriously saying that looking at a woman with sexual desire is as grave a sin as actual adultery, which causes humiliation, destroyed families, and breaches the marital covenant with God.. is he? Or Jesus isn't downplaying the gravity of marital adultery, right? (I can't gouge my eye out)

Harry Riches
Harry Riches Answers ·

Jesus is not raising the bar of the law. Jesus is simply stating what the Ten Commandments written by God Himself states: You shall not commit adultery.

Unfortunately, too many people do not understand the definition of adultery and the severity of sin. Sin cuts us off from God. Sin cuts us off from life—eternal. Far better to enter eternal life with two eyes gouged out, rather than spend eternity absent from the presence of God. The same applies to one's hands.

God forgives us. But only if we forgive others. This is what Jesus said. There are no options. After death comes judgment.

If people are born into sin, then they have to be given the option to get out of sin. God has given us that option. If we prefer our sin, then we love evil. If we hate our sin, then we will seek God.

At the age of thirteen I read the Perfumed Garden and Karma Sutra. But I had my first pubescent sexual encounter as a twelve year old with a girl who was fourteen. She thought she was going to be pregnant. I became concerned about my culpability. But upon inquiry, did not find advice that satisfied. Having had many prepubescent attempts at this male/female caper with other girls (playing doctors and nurses, mom and dad), I had finally found out there was something more to being male once a person is catapulted across that gulf from innocence to becoming capable of culpability. However, the culpability was not realized, as no charges were laid, for there was no evidence of blame (no offspring) forthcoming.

Reading what is prohibited by God did me no favors. I became a sex fiend in my thoughts. Eventually I found out why masturbation is a waste of time unless it is accompanied by thoughts that trigger the sensation. Some may have thought I had an obsession about sex, so much so, once when I told a pastor (an author of 60 books) about my shame, he told me not to boast. I was possessed by beings that are very real and they were leading me towards destruction.

With what I know now, it is a wonder Jesus did not say, castration is better than going to Hell. But the issue is not really the members, as the Apostle Paul is often interpreted as saying (Romans 7:21-25), rather it is the thoughts of what we can do with our members.

Adultery is like idolatry. It is putting another before what God has ordained. Only many do not take sin as seriously as Jesus of Nazareth did. If Jesus had just once allowed a seed of sin to get into his thinking, he would not have been able to pay the price for our ransom.

 Jesus understood where He was at, saying when confronted by temptation from the tempter: "Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve." (Matthew 4:10)

But when lawyers get involved or others who think that sin and, its corollary, death are not such serious matters, they come up with different degrees of sin. Some are venial and some are mortal; some are more venial than others and some carry with them mortality but can be redeemed after death (providing one's final indulgence is large enough to pay for the remission).

Nepiophilia, pedophilia, hebephilia and pederasty are considered to be venial, even not sin at all, by many whose consciences are seared and whose lives are cursed. Still many of these perverts administer the curse that is upon them to members of the congregation they oversee. All who permit them to administer sacraments risk demonic influence in their own lives that could steal their salvation.

How evil are those who abuse the innocent?

Jesus made a point of stating that the sins of others can come upon us if we willfully overlook them and say that if we were in their position we would not do as such, while we look up to or identify with those persons.

Masturbation is not seen as a sin at all in many Christian circles. Yet many understand that masturbation is a sin, and this is evidenced by the often quoted, get married lest you burn with desire, verse. This is the King James Bible reference:
  • But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn. (1 Corinthians 7:9
When the psalmist says the blessing is on those who delight in the Law of God and meditate upon it day and night, he was not kidding. When meditating the Law of God, it is difficult to be thinking about caressing another person or doing anything else to them that might cause one's libido to instinctively arise with such intensity that it becomes an irresistible urge. Memorizing Scripture and meditating upon it tends to bring our focus onto God and His love for us. Indeed, in the presence of God there are pleasures for evermore (Psalm 16:11) that surpass the short-lived experience of fleshly relief that never satisfies and comes with enormous cost. For Jesus was not joking when He spoke about the seriousness of the sin. Neither was Jesus joking when He pointed to where the pleasures for evermore are to be found. He said:
Admittedly it can be difficult to flick on the Scripture switch and begin meditating when the passions of others are lusting after oneself, and the advances are such that unless one is forthright (even to the point of being considered rude and offensive), the person does not get the message. But rather than being eager to cut out one's eye or lop of one's hand, better to be forthright and state where one stands. From experience, the offenders are less likely to be women seeking men, rather it is along the lines of what we find in the book of Romans, chapter one, twenty-two to twenty-seven (1:22-27).

At the heart of all sin is covetousness. This begins within the thoughts. How can a person think of two things at once? Many like to think they can. Many even claim they can do more than one thing at once. Studies have revealed that when a person is doing two things at once, there is not the same focus. Which is probably why a double minded person will receive nothing from the Lord (James 1:6-8).

When a person asks about whether Jesus is serious about lust in the thoughts being deadly, such a person ought to ask: Will this make me double minded? Will this separate me from God?
  • Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye double minded. (James 4:1-8)
The consequences of adultery can have far reaching effects upon many people. Since Abraham was told that God desired to bless the families on the Earth, it is no wonder that adultery is the sin that destroys society. It begins with a thought and then degenerates overtime from that seemingly innocuous and private idea until people eventually turn to bestiality. This is happening as a result of secular decadence today and has been exposed by David Ike who could have been taken to court for defamation, except his evidence is solid (listen to the interview).

The family structure is purposely being targeted, and those of us who desire to walk in the joy of salvation—and it is real joy—can only but warn of what is coming. The signs of the times are evident. Better to go into life with one hand and one eye rather than into eternal destruction with both hands and both eyes. The alternative to the earnest message for people to choose is that severe we should consider the value of the option of having one hand and one eye compared to having all our members only to be impaled and infested with a worm that will never die.

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