Monday, August 22, 2016

EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE IS AVAILABLE TO SUBSTANTIATE THE CLAIMS THAT THE BIBLE IS THE AUTHORITATIVE WRITTEN WORD OF GOD. Scientists Who Are Genuine Would Seek To Disprove Any Test That Proves God. Since most scientists are not really scientist but philosophers who rig results to prove their own view or technicians who do what they are told.

Does God exist scientifically?

Depends on what scientifically means. Some people assume science begins with an assumption that God does not exist therefore there is no need to actually prove His non-existence. Actually, many people call themselves scientists and hold this view.

Such a view suggests that they are not really scientists at all. They may be philosophers who attempt to prove their beliefs or technologists who perform tasks as directed by their superiors, who like to call themselves scientists.

Now if we are to utilize the scientific method and devise a means to test God's existence by stating a hypothesis, then the Bible has already supplied this. Since I know this, does this make me smarter than all those who do not know it? Since so many atheists think I am a fool because I have actually met Lord Jesus Christ, why would it make me smarter. Unlike the deceivers and the deceived, knowing that there is such a test available by which God can be proven indicates that I am genuine.

If I challenged all the scientists to demonstrate that they are genuine scientists and put the hypothesis to the test, would they do it? At a hunch, no. Why? Because I expect them to be human. And I trust every human to be as human as every other person I have met, which means they will be deceitful--even if it is only slightly deceitful.
Nevertheless, the test is available to be found in the Bible, so naturally, only those who are genuine scientists will seek to falsify it. The rest will go on to pontificate how their guess is better than someone else's guess.

Genuine scientists will even seek to find where the test is provided in the Bible. Since this is the case, there is no need for me to show anyone where it exists. For a genuine person will pull the Bible apart to see where such a test is declared.

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