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ATHEISTS CANNOT FOLLOW THE TEN COMMANDMENTS WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGING THE LORD GOD CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. Atheists Might Say That They Follow Some Of The Ten Commandments But Even Then This Is Doubtful. For there are only four commandments which are possible for them to follow and not break, but if they do not believe in ultimate morality, claims that they follow any of them are really questionable.

Do not bear false witness
Do not steal
Do not kill
No covetousness 

Harry Riches
Happy Riches Answers

It is doubtful an atheist would follow a commandment. No theist I know follows any commandment. This is particularly so if we understand "to follow" as meaning "to fall behind someone who is leading". But then the word "follow" can also be used within the context of following some guidelines or instructions in a "how to" manual. In which case, there is an argument that can be made for someone following the Ten Commandments in order to possess eternal life.

However, Jesus spoke of fulfilling the Ten Commandments, rather than following them. Although, He did say that Heaven and Earth would pass away, but not one dot or iota of the Law would pass away until all had been accomplished. The Law being a reference to the Ten Commandments, and that which is to be accomplished: the purpose of being born on this Earth.

Essentially, the Israelites followed Moses out of Egypt and across the Red Sea as it is stated in Exodus. The route and sites mentioned there have been discovered. The crossing of the Red Sea was marked with columns erected by King Solomon who made the appropriate inscription as to why they were there:
  • to commemorate the Red Sea Crossing and the deliverance of the Israelites from the Egyptian Pharaoh.
While one of the columns still exists on the Egyptian side of the crossing, unfortunately, since the discovery has been made known to the Saudis, the column with writing declaring this fact has been removed and a marker put in its place by the Saudi authorities. Moreover, the Mount Sinai/Mount Horeb area has been fenced off and placed under armed guard..

Anyhow, rather than asking whether atheists follow the four commandments, if you really want to find where people are at, the following set of questions might be more revealing:
Do you know the Ten Commandments? How many of the Ten Commandments can you quote? Do you violate any of these Ten Commandments? Do you enjoy violating them? How about the consequences?
I am sure there will some respondents who will say that they get a kick out of violating them. There are liars, thieves, sadists and many perverted people in the world.

However, there are many who recognize that the consequences of violating the four key taboos of society are too painful to contemplate. Although, once one is consumed with covetousness, violation of taboos seem to be par for the course.

The reality is every community is able to cohere as long as they do not violate the commandments to murder, steal, bear false witness against one's neighbor and comply with sexual relationship mores. Although, these need not be commands. For most they seem to be an internal recognition of essential requirements for survival within the hen pecking order of which rooster is the biggest and brightest.

Coveting, of course, is one of those things that creates problems, and once a person decides to covet, expect to see stealing, adultery, murder and bearing false witness.

Now the question is asked whether atheists follow the four abbreviated prohibitions that are mentioned as part of this question. Surveys conducted by myself on different populations over the decades have revealed that most people who claim to be Christians are unlikely to know three of the Ten Commandments, even after stating that they believe they should be kept, and asserting that they know them. The two that most people seem to know are "You shall not steal" and "You shall not murder". After that it becomes a struggle.

The Ten Commandments Were Designed For You To Enjoy And Possess Life

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