Monday, July 11, 2016

THE STORY OF THE FLOOD HAS TO BE FALSE. Just Because There Is Documented Evidence Of Noah's Ark, This Does Not Mean People Need To Know. Keeping people in the dark is the best way to indoctrinate people into the atheistic school system that is founded upon deception.

If you go to Turkey and take the right equipment and obtain permission of the Turkish authorities, you can verify for yourself whether the documented claims of Noah's Ark are true or not. Most people hate the fact that the truth is starring them in the eyes and because they do not want their atheism and rebellion against God shown for what it is so, they reject the scientific information that is detailed in the video below. People who are honest seek the truth, they do not hide from it.

This video has been banned from many sites because of the truth it contains. Atheism and the theory of evolution cannot be supported in this truth comes out.

Based on the information within this video, what you read in the Bible is true.

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