Thursday, July 21, 2016

JESUS CHRIST DINES WITH PEOPLE BUT THEY HAVE NO PROOF. It Is Always The Case That When Something Happens, Unless The Moment Is Filmed, There Is No Replay Of Historical Events. What those who miss out on having Jesus around for dinner do not realize is that he knocks on the door of everybody's heart in the hope that each person who hears his knock might open up and let Him in to sup with that person.

He talked about many things and said he liked my spaghetti.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches Answers the question of a scoffer.
Why would you want to prove that God's Son Lord Jesus Christ came over for dinner?

Usually the only people who feel the need to prove something are those who are suffering from an inferior complex or are after some reward.
If you are after a reward, that is an incentive for you to prove you had the opportunity of meeting the resurrected Lord Jesus Christ. However, if, like myself, you have actually met Lord Jesus Christ, what He imparts to you is reward enough, and there is no need to prove it.
However, in having met Lord Jesus Christ and having received what He imparts to you, others who know you will begin to notice the difference in your behavior and your worldview. That will be sufficient proof for many that you really have met Lord Jesus Christ. Now I know this is true, because I am speaking from experience.
As for having an  inferiority complex, well, if you had met Lord Jesus Christ, that would have been overcome. You would become confident instead of feeling inferior. Confidence is a mark of those who have truly met Lord Jesus Christ.
Anyhow, the fact that you have posed the question that you have suggests that you have not met Lord Jesus Christ and you are merely looking to be scornful. Imagine spending eternity just having to put up with your dark side and no relief; being a comedian, you will think that this is something to look forward to. But then "the worm that never dies" is the fact that you scorned your opportunity to have eternal life. And you probably think that this is a game. Only it is your life that is being played out.

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