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MANY PEOPLE DO NOT BELIEVE THE BIBLE IS TRUE. These People Claim They Have Good Reason Because They Do Not Believe In Things That Cannot Be Proven. The Bible Can Be Demonstrated To Have The Truth.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches • answers

The question is a matter of whether you really want to know the truth or not. Most atheists start with the assumption that they are right. They make claims like, "We know how humans came into being," which are preposterous and mere nonsense.
How does a person know anything if the person was not there? Can you trust humans to tell you the truth? If so, you believe politicians are upright citizens who are elected by the people to govern the people for the good of the people, who never line their own pockets. Good luck! Go and play a game of monopoly then. The money is real and when you own a few hotels, you can invest in casinos. You will be like Donald Trump and Steve Wynn.
Personally, being a person who seeks truth and one who understands that there are two types of truth (half-truth and actual truth), but in reality only one that counts, anyone who makes a rubbish claim, a broad sweeping claim such as "We know how humans came into being" is just as ignorant as the person who asserts the Bible is the living word of God.
Why should any person trust the Bible if that person has no reason to do so? First of all, to trust something or someone, I want evidence. I want something I can hang my hat on. Any fool can make absurd claims and even be followed by morons. Many are. Why? Because people do not want the truth, they only want to find someone they can hide behind--that is, make out they can quote a few authorities.
If anyone is going to believe in what the Bible says, there needs to be something of value to justify that belief. Amazingly, many people find that they can verbally lambaste people who find reasons to believe in the Bible and they will get support. Why? Because people hate real authority. People hate having to be responsible. People hate the idea of being accountable. Yet if a person is not willing to be accountable for his or her responsibilities, that person has no authority.
Anyone who finds the Bible helpful ought to take it upon himself or herself to make use of the help it provides. If the Bible says that it is better to be wise than a fool, do not just discard it because you do not want to be wise. Ask the question, Is it better to be a fool or wise? Ask two more questions: What is a fool? What does it mean to be wise?
If anybody is foolish enough to take advice from a human being who claims that the Bible or anything else is rubbish and cannot demonstrate a sound reason (or reasons) why, then that person is just as impotent in authority as any fool who is consulted. For instance, if a person tells me that dinosaurs became birds, I want that person prove it now! In real time. Anything else comes from fabrication and imaginationbesides, there is more than one kind of artist.
First of all, unless a person reads the Bible: How does a person know what is written in it? Secondly, what is the message of the Bible? Thirdly, does it have any value for oneself?
When we talk about "believe", understand people "believe" all kinds of things. Most of what people believe is not worth knowing. The number of people who claim to be atheists that I have met who are into star signs is incredible. Why are they into star signs? Because they have nothing in their lives that makes sense of being born only to die. So they will believe anything except that it is possible to know the Lord God Creator of the Universe.
Why do atheists not want to know the Creator of the Universe? Because "they believe" God does not exist.  Prove the Creator does not exist. Yet the proof for a Designer who created the Universe is clearly evident. The evidence for the Creator is abundant. We are talking about the Creator who enables the Earth to orbit the Sun at 67, 000 mph, spin on its axis at speeds of 1040 mph, while having a moon orbit it at 2288 mph, and rotate once every 28 days in the process (approx).   How many years has this been happening? And people want you to believe that this occurred by chance because they say so. Yes, and someone picked up a stone and "hey presto" it turned into a cell phone.
The Bible says that the Creator exists and there is no other besides Him. If you accept that there is evidence that the Creator exists, the Bible then instructs you to search for Him, to seek Him out, with every ounce of strength you have within your body, your soul, your heart. According to the Bible, you have have to be 100% genuine if you want God to reveal Himself to you. If you are 99%, apparently, this will not cut it, and since most people are "wishy-washy" and very "iffy" they have to work on becoming serious. Why? Because God can read your mind. He knows the thoughts and intentions of your heart. The Omniscient One knows whether you are just a pompous bag of wind or a serious contender in the search for truth.
Unfortunately, there are many hypocritical intellectuals who are attracted to philosophical views along the lines that they were chosen before the foundation of the world and therefore they are superior to others. The rest are going to be punished forever. Worse still, according to them, the God of Creation decided before the Universe was created that He would predetermine individuals for eternal torment. The truth is the god they describe is the god that the Bible states has authority over those who violate their moral responsibilities.
Consequently, atheists who have never really sought to find out the truth, claim the the God of the Bible is evil. They are not alone, some people claiming to be Christians believe God is evil, too. However, the God of Creation only knows righteousness and goodness. Nevertheless, the reality is that the Bible teaches that there is the God of Creation and there is the god of this world and there are many other gods of human making.
Anyone who reads the Bible with a truly honest heart will realize that the message of the Bible is that God created the Universe and everything He created was good. Evil came about because of an individual seeking to usurp the Creator's authority by inveigling the first man and the first woman to rupture their relationship of trust between themselves and their Creator. Since then a plan has been set in motion by a righteous God to redeem what the original man and woman lost. The means of doing this required God Himself to become a sacrificial offering as a ransom price to buy back the right to rule the Earth. (Too deep for many people to understand, but simple for others.) Since the descendants of the first man and woman have been born into captivity, as a result of a kidnap taking place, once the ransom price had been paid, they were set free from that time forth.
This raises questions of historical issues regarding before and after the ransom price was paid and how were the wicked and righteous determined and separated, and what happens at death. But, we are considering why the Bible should or should not be believed.
The Creator in His wisdom decided that the best option was to deal with the problem of evil by permitting men and women to be born into a world governed by evil. This way those who hate evil can seek Him out. Once the original number of individuals that God had intended to live on Earth have found Him, those who enjoy evil and hate the truth, will become a memorial of the foolishness of evil for eternity, along with the originator of evil and the other beings that decided to join him.
The Bible's message is justice will be upheld, evil will be atoned for and everyone will be held accountable according to the moral Law of Righteousness, which is expressed in the Ten Commandments (something few people understand).
What is the message of the atheist? You are born. You die. There is no meaning to life. You may as well as be another fly that has had its feed and done its thing and dies. The maggots form the next generation. Or an ant that has been squashed, if you do not like the fly analogy.
What's the message of reincarnation? You are born to extricate yourself from suffering so that you can one day return to being nothing.
Can you believe in the Bible? Why don't you do what is suggests and then when you have held God to account, become a genius and overcome death if He does not reveal Himself to you. Accountability precedes responsibility which is the foundation for true authority.
Jesus is real. I have found Him. I came to know the resurrected Lord Jesus without the Bible. Afterwards, I learned that the Bible actually states, "You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have life and it they that bear witness to Me, yet you refuse to come to Me that I may give you Life."
If life is not eternal, it ceases to be life. It is merely non-existence; a figment of a person's imagination.  If you have not got eternal life, you have a futile life.

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