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READING AND WRITING ARE IMPORTANT. Many People Are Losing Out Because They Are Being Dumbed Down. Learning how to read and write is important for us all if we are to become sounder in our thinking.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches answers

Writing enables a person to put ideas into focus with more thought and clarity, because unlike speaking (unless reading a speech), we are able to take our time when stating what we want to communicate. We can be more selective in our choice of words. We can consider the tone of the language we are using. Whether we want to use active or passive voice. We can consider the moods we want to express: subjunctive, indicative, imperative--and there is talk of the infinitive mood. Also, we can rewrite what we have written without anyone needing to know what we wrote; something that the spoken word does not allow us to do.
Reading is important because it enables us to reflect upon considered thought, rather than become a conduit for the prattle that blows our way through the pipeline of local gossip.
Some books are not worth reading, because they are just blowhards using words to say nothing.  Yet many people who are known as bookworms are mesmerized by paragraphs of text that contain no information but are comparable to clouds promising rain.
Becoming a discerning reader is important. A foolhardy reader will read anything and accept anything a certain author may write, because of a recommendation regarding the person's status. However, a person can only know so much, and once that person's worldview is understood, their framework of belief is much the same when they are writing about philosophical matters. Technical writing is different.
Technical writing is specific. Though as a reader, one has to be careful not to fall for theories being presented as fact and understand that unless a matter can be demonstrated in the present time, its veracity becomes questionable and remains so until proven otherwise in real time.
Reading how to books are helpful. Especially, if you want to know how to put some equipment together or are seeking to grow vegetables. Nevertheless there is a difference between reading instructions for assembling equipment and reading how to grow vegetables. This difference is very important and illustrates the importance of being a discerning reader.
Equipment is manufactured by people who have control over the production. The accompanying instructions are exact. When a person does something and can demonstrate how to do the same thing again, and their are no variables outside the person's control, then the information can be taken as absolutely reliable; not so when it comes to vegetables.
Vegetables are grown in many different regions of the world. Soil varies much more than the climate does. Pests and insects also play a major factor in growing vegetables and these can be unpredictable. Reading an instruction manual on how to grow vegetables can be misleading if the climatic and soil conditions are not taken into account. Unlike instructions for machinery or equipment, instructions for growing vegetables are more like a guide rather than a user's manual. A guide provides us with ideas, principles and expectations, rather than exactitude of operation.
Nevertheless,writing allows for permanency of thought and information. Once something has been written down it has historical significance. People can read what was written thousands of years afterwards and evaluate an idea's worth or gain insight into the culture of that time. What ancient writing informs us more than anything else is that agreements between people in the form of contracts have been written down so that there are no disputes. Today nothing has changed. Contracts between people that are written down have a permanency that enables people to be law-abiding citizens.
While people can misinterpret what has been written down, in the main, what has been written ensures that there is no misunderstanding when an arbitrator is required in the event of a dispute. People will dispute anything, but what has been written down remains. This, above all things, is the reason why reading and writing is important.
Many people do not realize that because there are disputes over what was said and what was not said, that this is the reason God Himself wrote the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments inform us what is expected from human beings as part of the contract for eternal life. Most people do not realize this. But when you read The Only Word Written By The Finger Of God, you will see that the Ten Commandments are about relationships between people with each other and also the Creator of Heaven and Earth.

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