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Harry Riches
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Did the Ten Commandments come from God? 
When you read the Ten Commandments, the evidence is they came from God. Many claim they came from man, but those who make that claim we know are ignorant, because they would not know the First Commandment.
If humans concocted the Ten Commandments or they are copies of the Codex Of Hammurabi, the Babylonian king, then there is no evidence of this being the case. People who make these claims merely demonstrate their ignorance about matters of which they know little.  “Claiming to wise they become fools,” is what the Bible says.
Often people parrot what they have read or heard somewhere else because it fits in with their belief. When people do this, they demonstrate their disregard for their own God-given ability to reason.
God gave everybody the ability to reason so each one could come to Him and reason with Him. Instead, people pontificate about how wise they are because they can outsmart God. Yet death just waits to have the last say. Then after death comes judgment.
And if you do not believe in judgment: Why do you make judgments?
You have judged the Bible. You have judged God. And if your judgments are wrong, you are in the can.
Jesus said that none who is put in the can would get out until the last penny is paid. This is an eternal problem if you have rejected your only hope of finding mercy before your time is up.
One of the key truths of the Ten Commandments is that God asserts His authority over Creation. He also advises that it is wiser to seek out the One who has more intelligence than what other people might think they have. More than this, he points to the futility of people making their own gods and idols that are incapable of anything that really is intelligent—the cult of celebrity is alive and well among the monkeys (or is it the great apes).
The reality that everyone will be accountable to the Omnipotent One, Creator of the Universe is also stated in the Ten Commandments, but not because they have to do what He says, but because of whether they prefer evil to good. We get a choice. Even if they seem like many, there is really only one choice.
Do you like suffering or pleasure? Would you prefer to live eternally with a person in salubrious surrounds beyond your imagination or prefer to experience the loneliness of your own misery for the rest of eternity? Which is evil? Which is good? You decide whether you want to be participating in paradise or cast out among the denizens of darkness to experience the miserable loneliness of all the things you hate about yourself and the psychological environment in which you live.
The first five of the Ten Commandments clearly indicate that God is the author, as these are not found elsewhere. No human being would create them. What reason would a person go to the trouble of creating the Ten Commandments in the book of Exodus. They not only speak of living a life that is excellent for humans, but also one that requires a personal relationship with the Living God. So a human being would not concoct such. A human being would do what we see in the law courts today and create a mess.
Unless the Egyptians had enslaved the Israelites, the Ten Commandments would not exist. The very first commandment demonstrates this. Call it circular reasoning, if you like. Or you can acknowledge that this is the inherent evidence. For the truth is the first commandment reveals the reason and the logic for the existence of the Ten Commandments and the nation Israel. Once you acknowledge this inherent witness, then you can accept that the Bible states that God wrote the Ten Commandments with His Own Finger. Otherwise you will only believe your own opinion. (Just tell everybody how are you going to overcome death?)
The reason why there is evil in the world is because people reject the Ten Commandments as nonsense, yet they point their finger at God rather than seeking to find out the truth. Unfortunately, this is what happens when people think they are the sunshine that provides Earth with its light and energy so they can exist as biological beings. They neglect to understand that they might have been given the right to reason out the truth in the hope they might reject evil for what is truly good.
The nation Israel is the only nation on Earth that has been founded by God Himself. If you read the Bible, you will discover so many prophecies that have come to pass and, of which, even today there exists proof of having come to pass. If not, the nation Israel would not exist.
Instead of seeking to understand the prophecies and what they mean, too many people want to complain about the prickles, when there is fruit to be picked and enjoyed. Or feeling good because some other person who has no answer to the big question of how to overcome death agrees with their opinion.
The evidence is unequivocally God wrote the Ten Commandments, for no human being would have claimed to have created the Universe—unless he or she is an opinionated fool. But then there are many who reject the truth that the Omniscient Lord God Almighty created the Universe, so it is no wonder they also reject the fact that He wrote the Ten Commandments. Yet none of these people who make these claims even know Ten Commandments. Ignorance prevails. Opinions persist. Proverbs 18:2 is proven right time and time again. This leaves only one conclusion:  the Bible has to be the truth. In which case, God wrote the Ten commandments.

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