Saturday, July 2, 2016

EVERYONE WANTS TO BE RICH. The Best Way To Get Rich Is To Have Eternal Worth. High worth individuals lose out if all they possess is material goods.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches • answers

When someone asks what is the quickest way to get rich, some automatically think in terms of money only ($$$, cash, the lucre of the lucky). Others think in terms of wealth and prosperity. Then there are those who think in terms of well-being. Maybe you are just talking about the effects of food that is too rich.
When it comes to money, for some people to have $1 million is to be rich. To others, this is just a trade on the stock market. (Unless one is earning a few million a year, one is not part of the one percent.). Of course, there are those who would not consider anything less than $1 billion in the bank as being financially adequate.
Word has it, there is one person who has an inheritance of $40 billion just sitting in a Swiss bank account. Meanwhile, there are those who look at their ranches, their yachts, their wineries, there numerous estates around the world, who count their employees in the millions and think, I am still impoverished by my status, my family and I are not recognized as the rulers of the world yet.
Still there is hope for us all, if we take heed of the story of the man who owned massive holdings in property and stocks and decided to sell up everything to take it easy. For that night he died. A voice said, "Fool, you thought you were rich, but you have nothing for eternal life and now you are too poor to buy anything to appear before the throne of the Eternal One."
Pharaohs used to take plenty of bounty with them and had their tombs and coffins stuffed with what they thought was sufficient to pay their way in the next life, only that was the wrong kind of collateral and robbers cleaned their graves out instead.
The riches required for eternal life come through an inheritance, but as is often the case, there is a contest taking place for everyone's inheritance and many people are being cheated out of what is rightfully theirs, or are so foolish that they overlook to claim it. The wise make sure they claim theirs, because without it, they will not obtain the required riches for eternal life.
So it is that people long for the riches of the world, but neglect the riches that pave the way for eternity. Have you claimed your part of the inheritance of the true riches yet? Or are you going to leave it for somebody else?

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