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ATHEISTS AND AGNOSTICS CLAIM THAT THE BIBLE HAS TO BE THE MERE WORDS OF MAN. They Cannot Understand How It Is Theists Accept The Truth That The Bible Is Inspired By The Lord God, Creator Of The Universe. Many of those who have been enlightened by truth, understand why atheists, agnostics and others might not accept the Bible as having been inspired by God.

Harry Riches

Harry Riches • answers

What an interesting assumption that theists fail to see that Bible is the words of man. Does this imply that the person answering the question has omniscience? For the Bible speaks about the beginning of Creation and the end of this Creation. Naturally, if we are to take the question seriously, we have to assume the questioner has omniscience to be so sure. Or would this be assuming too much?
In truth, the person asking the question has a life that will be curtailed by death, and if there is nothing after death, it will be a meaningless existence. The kind of existence a flower has before it is eaten by a goat and becomes excrement.
We could say that there is no hope of meaning in life if the Bible did not exist. Why? Because the Bible provides us with the reason for our existence on this planet.
The Bible informs us about some very important matters such as how evil came about; how evil is to be overcome; and what is going to be done to requite those who perpetuate evil.
If the Bible were a book written by men, who were not inspired by God, we would have something along the lines of the observations found in the book of Ecclesiastes, but without any mention of our Creator. More to the point, we would end up with some philosophy along the lines of what Buddha observed: life on Earth is about suffering and the wisest action a person can perform is to avoid suffering. In developing a philosophy to explain these observations, we would probably come up with the idea that people emerge from non-existence and go through a pointless series of existences to finally return to non-existence.
Where is the meaning in being born to die? Where is the meaning in being born to suffer? Where is the meaning in being born to suffer and then die, only to repeat this numerous times for eons until suffering is overcome and then non-existence is once more assumed? Such is the wisdom derived from a man’s observation.
If the Universe were created by an Infinite Being, and if that One were to give some of the created entities freewill, and if they exercised that foolishly to oppose the One That Exists, within Whom all things exist, then we have the probable cause for a rationale that explains why we are born to die and suffer in between.
Because of the consequences that have arisen from fools choosing to defy the wisdom of the Omniscient One, from Whom they are unable to hide, humankind has had to suffer. The Bible clearly lays this out. Although, what might be clear to some, others reject. Instead of comparing what God Himself wrote with what is happening within the world, those who claim superior intelligence, reject it.
Jesus said that if people do not believe what Moses wrote, then they would not believe in the power of God to raise the dead. Essentially, Jesus was saying that if we do not believe what the Lord God wrote in the Ten Commandments regarding relationships to be true, we would not accept the truth. We will prefer to believe a lie. Consequently, people assert the theory of evolution is fact, when it is a mere fiction.
There is no proof whatsoever for the theory of selective adaptation leading to greater complexity. If there were, cats would be turning into dogs, or something of that nature. Instead, an extrapolation from an observation of minor changes within a species (speciation) becomes proof of the theory of evolution. Meanwhile, those who understand the theory of evolution know that its veracity depends on the theory of gradualism, where creatures slowly acquire more sophisticated and complex structures and abilities over time.
Gradualism also means that there would be no evidence of creatures in the geological strata. Contrary to this, an abundance of fossil evidence is cited as proof of evolution, when in fact, it supports the Bible’s worldwide flood and theories of catastrophism.
Who invents all these theories?  Humans do.

Why are there no theories in the Bible if it is merely the words of humans? Could it be that the Bible is true and a historical document that records what happened?
God Himself, not men, wrote the Ten Commandments and they were handed to Moses some 3500 years ago. Has man become morally superior yet, so that even the last four of those commandments are kept?
The answer to that question is no.  Men are still bearing false witness; still murdering other people; still committing adultery; still stealing. And those are only four of the Ten Commandments which testify that people are still fools and have not become superior moral beings in the last 3500 years. This does not say much for the theory of evolutionary advancement through the criteria of natural selection being true. Yet contrary to what is written in the Bible, people say that humans are becoming more intelligent and living longer. But where is the proof?
What amazes someone like myself is there are so many who claim to be wise and scholarly and scientific who reject the evidence that supports the historical authenticity of what is written in the Old Testament, of which there is an abundance to be found, if any care to truly seek it. A number of archaeologists became Christians after attempting to prove the historical record of New Testament false; because they found the historical record verifiable. But, then, they were honest searchers for truth.
Those who reject the obvious might not think they are fools, but they laugh at someone like myself who accepts the truth of the moral code written in the Bible. Why do they do this?
The only reason I can think that exists for people rejecting the historical evidence and the obvious truth about the moral code found in the Bible surfaces when reading the account of Cain killing Abel. Evidently,  the murderous Cain thought the Omnipresent One did not know what He did. (Like little children, unbelievers close their eyes and think they cannot be seen.) When asked about His brother, Cain replies, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” In other words, I do not know where my brother is. People who believe the lie that the Omniscient, Omnipresent One cannot see what they do, also believe the lie that they do not have to give an account of themselves after death.
Not because theists are deceived, do they fail to see that the Bible is merely written by men. Rather, they recognize that only a righteous Creator would be concerned with the salvation of humankind, and for this reason has provided for us a written record attesting to this fact. For the evidence is humans left to themselves would self-destruct. The Bible actually informs us that this is the case, and people would self-destruct if left to themselves. If it were not for God’s purpose, then we would not be here today. More to the point, the Bible informs us that humans will destroy the planet (World War III), but God is going to intervene and prevent this from happening.

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