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PEOPLE OFTEN WANT TO KNOW THE CORRECT WAY TO INTERPRET THE TEN COMMANDMENTS. Search The Many Sites That Promote The Ten Commandments And You Will Discover The First Commandment Is Not Understood. You might wonder why this is the case.

Please give specific details, including the original commandment and how it is best interpreted.

Harry Riches
Happy Riches says, I have a genuine relationship with Lord Jesus Christ. 

The Ten Commandments are the template for interpreting the Scriptures. However, you ask what is the most correct interpretation for the Ten Commandments. If you really want to understand them, you need to read the Scriptures. For the commandments are very wide in their application. The Psalmist says:
I have seen a limit to all perfection, but thy commandment is exceedingly broad. (Psalm 119:96)
However if you read The Only Words Written By The Finger Of God, you will discover a framework from which to understand the Bible as God actually means it to be understood. Theologians tend to interpret the Scripture from their own worldview, even though they will claim they are being objective and using literal and historical means by studying culture and language.
When it comes to the Ten Commandments, the mistake most people make is to truncate them and thereby dismiss them as being too simple.  This is evidenced the following, which is what one person wrote on a forum regarding what you will find at the link at the bottom of this page:
I just came across a website which is about the ten commandments. I did not know you could write so much about the ten commandments. Can the Ten Commandments really be a guide to life and its riches. I thought they were ten rules about what people were not supposed to do if they were Jews.
The writer seems to know what he is talking about, but interested in other comments.
RE: Ten Commandments
This site definitely goes very in depth about every commandment.
Most people have such a poor understanding of the truths of the Bible. Those who are professional theologians usually miss the mark because they have to do something novel to make their mark in academia. Others who read the Bible, and can quote many verses, often do so without realizing that they need to be taught by the Holy Spirit and meditate the milk of the word. The Ten Commandments are the milk of the world and they ought to be understood thoroughly, if a person desires to advance into the spiritual realm. The road that is narrow is very deep but it suddenly becomes a ladder into Heaven once a person has found the Rock (Deuteronomy 32;40).
The first five commandments refer to God and the second five to individuals. However, in saying this, the tenth commandment is a reference to oneself, more so than actively violating the rights of others.
If one is going to understand the Ten Commandments and be able to interpret the Bible correctly, one needs to meditate Exodus 20:1-17, as the first commandment begins with "God spoke..."  The first commandment does not begin with "You shall not".
An understanding of typology is required because if the first commandment is to apply to people other than those outside of Egypt, one has to understand what Egypt refers to within the Bible. Moreover, to fully appreciate the significance of the Ten Commandments, one has to meditate them.
The reason people do not experience the continual joy of salvation is they do not know the Scriptures nor the power of God (Mark 12:24). Psalm One says, blessed is the person who meditates the LAW. Yet most people prefer to complain about their  disappointments and misgivings and anguish in life.

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