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WHAT PEOPLE REFER TO AS THE CHRISTIAN CRUSADES THAT WERE CONDUCTED TO TAKE BACK THE HOLY LAND WERE NOT REALLY AS KOSHER AS SOME HISTORIANS MAY LIKE TO PRESENT.THEM. The Crusades Were Really A Money Making Means For The First International Banksters To Financially Hold To Ransom Those Whom They Could Lend Money Too. Usury was outlawed by the church, so the Crusaders had to disband and spread their wicked ways across Europe.

Harry Riches
 Happy RichesAnswer requested by Ivan Alexeevich

True religion has nothing to do with political reign on this planet. True religion is about the quest for the truth:
  • Why do I exist?
  • Why are people born only to die?
  • What is the point of being born to die and then having to suffer?
  • Where is the justice in life if I did not ask to be born, but I have to suffer and face the futility of death?
  • Why do people say they care but refuse to share what they have?
  • Why do people speak about love only to hate?
  • Why do people say they want peace but promote war?
The Crusades produced war, hatred, suffering, and avarice. The crusades also produced the first international bankers. From the historical accounts, even though supposedly carried out in the name of Christ, the Crusades appear to have been about men seeking fame, fortune, and being rapacious, rather than growing in faith in Lord Jesus Christ, the source of becoming a Christian. Many deceived patrons, who had the wealth, who thought that by traveling to Jerusalem, the same as pilgrims travel to Mecca, they would obtain divine favor, not realizing that this caper was really an industry for turning a quid.

According to ex-Jesuit priest Alberto Rivera, Islam was the creation of Rome to corral the true believers in Lord Jesus Christ who refused to accept that the Pope was the vicar of Christ on Earth. Instead of Islamic leaders doing as required, rounding up all the non-Catholics in the Middle East, the war lords decided to keep the lands they had conquered. After the Crusaders failed to secure the Holy Land for the Roman Catholic Church, the Byzantine Empire fell to the Muslim lords on 29th of May 1453.

Islam and Roman Catholicism have more in common than many people realize. They both have a system of congregants and clergy. They both want to reign over the Earth. If Alberto Rivera is telling the truth, Islamic overlords hi-jacked the plans of the Pope. The Muhammad of Mecca and the Muhammad of Medina demonstrate that if a person is attempting to promote religion to rule the world, this is not as effective as holding a person’s head below an ax. This tells us that there is a major difference between religion and politics. The former has to do with seeking truth. The latter has to do with exercising power over the inhabitants of the lands.

For those who do not think politics existed since the beginning of time, note well, nobody gets to reign over other people unless there is consent among those who have the power to permit a ruler to reign. In other words, when people consent that a person can rule over them, this requires a vote by the individuals, even if the vote is merely raising the hand and saying, “The ayes have it.”

Not all the people have to vote. Just representatives of whom the multitude will hear gladly.

Discerning The Difference Between Propaganda And The Truth Requires A Means

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