Saturday, July 15, 2017

CONSPIRACY THEORIES DIFFER IN THAT SOME ARE CALLED OUT FOR WHAT THEY ARE, SOME ARE PROVEN TO BE CONSPIRACIES, AND WHAT PEOPLE THINK IS THE TRUTH IS OFTEN NOTHING LESS THAN A CONSPIRACY THEORY. The Greatest Conspiracy Would Have To Be the Createst Lie Ever Told To Hoodwink The Gullible. People overlook the fact that gullibility has to do with being a fool who thinks the false information that is being regurgitated is real, rather than understanding the truth about wisdom.

The greatest conspiracy theory that life grew out of nothing and evolved into human beings, who have been to the moon, is not true.

NASA has admitted that project Orion is important, because data gained from sending the spacecraft through the Van Allen Radiation Belts located some 400 miles out from the Earth, which encompass planet Earth for a depth of 1000 miles, will enable scientists to evaluate whether it is safe to send humans and equipment through the intense radiation on their way to the moon.

It is not a conspiracy theory that humans are born merely to die and this makes each one’s life futile unless their is a Creator who has a purpose for the existence of the Universe.

Neither is it a conspiracy theory that people deceive themselves when they think they can deceive others but not be deceived themselves.

Conspiracy Bubble Bursts When Fealty To Deceivers Gives Way To The Reality Of Truth

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