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BOOKS ARE BAD IF THEY ARE ONE OF THE BIBLE'S BECAUSE ATHEISTS FEAR PEOPLE READING THEM MIGHT START THINKING ABOUT GOD AND THEN, WORSE STILL, BEGIN SEEKING HIM. Atheists Do Not Permit The Reading Of The BIble If They Think Individuals Might Be Influenced. This is why the Bible was banned in atheist Russia and atheist China we those two countries were communist.

I was lying in bed the other night about to go to sleep and a thought came into my head that I should read a passage in the Bible. I haven't looked at a Bible in maybe 2-3 years, so I don't know where the thought came from. I said to my wife that I want to read her Bible that she keeps in her bedside drawer. She turned on the light and took it out. The passage I opened at was galatians 3,specifically this passage: "Are you so foolish? After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort? 4 Have you suffered so much for nothing--if it really was for nothing? 5 Does God give you his Spirit and work miracles among you because you observe the law, or because you believe what you heard?" The word miracles stood out. I've also been unwell the last year, desperately trying to regain my health.

The next day I happened to read a book about prayer and came across this passage:

I think it was another one or two days later, that I happened to be in the library. I dropped a book off then remembered about a book I needed to get my wife so looked it up then went up to get it. It was a book on business psychology and this is a huge University library. After finding her book I was about to leave, but hat same small voice that told me to read the Bible that night said to me that there's a book here that you are meant to read. So I went to the next shelf from the psychology books which happened to be religion /theology. And there in front of me is this book written by cs Lewis. Its the book mentioned above, written in 1948!

**Thanks for the answers so far. Just to add, I have not been a christian nor do I go to church etc (although my wife is/does). I have always viewed life through a scientific lense etc. I'm also well trained in psychological bias such as confirmation bias, which was mentioned. I also do believe its easy to connect dots which aren't necessarily there - again this is often related to the many biases we are exposed to, being human and not computers. This coincidence was quite extreme in my opinion, so I'm caught wondering if it was truly coincidental.

Harry Riches

Happy Riches. Answer requested by anonymous

People have to work out for themselves whether they want to put their faith in the theories of men that state certain events happened millions or billions of years ago. This faith, or religion, if you want to call faith a religion, known as scientism is a farce. These people claim that they do not exercise faith in their beliefs based upon this spurious knowledge of what they say happened eons ago, and of which there is no true scientific proof—true science demonstrates how it is done in the now, without resorting to models of possibilities.

In your case, you have to work out whether you are going to put your faith in these events that you describe actually occurring. Scoffers and doubters will not believe what you say, or they will attempt to rationalize a theory as to why you might be receiving these thoughts or hearing these voices. The reality is that only you know what you heard—just do not tell a psychiatrist you are hearing voices!

There is a television documentary series that analyzes the causes and circumstances that lead to disasters—Seconds From Disaster. Regardless of the disaster that occurred, there were events that led up to what was an accident: a series of minor mishaps, little oversights, aspects of negligence, and unexpected circumstances; these all played their part. Analyzed, investigators are able to pinpoint how the disaster could have been prevented.

If we were to analyze your situation as presented by you, we might be able to prevent you from becoming a Christian, so that you can remain with no hope. We can do this by finding out what is causing you to have these thoughts and making you susceptible to hearing these voices.

Every atheist is very concerned right now that you might forsake the faith that revels in the rejection of God. You must not become a believer in the Creator God; especially that He loved the world, so much that He gave His only begotten Son, so that you might believe that He has provided justice to the innocent, and hope to overcome the fear of the unknown at death, and verifies this by giving you the assurance of eternal life.

It is when people start believing events (such as those that have been occurring in your life) to be true, they are likely to do something rash and call out to the Creator God (whom atheists believe does not exist). The problem with the events that you experienced is they lead to disaster (as far atheists are concerned) and you might read books written by the ex-atheist C. L. Lewis. If you read Miracles or The Screwtape Letters, this will be a tragedy to the Antichrist’s community of anti-Creator believers; for you might start accepting the reality that a spiritual dimension exists that you cannot see, like the unseen words people speak, which you understand.

Just to make sure you are not being caught out by confirmation bias, because you want to accept truth rather than deception, reject what is happening to you as real and reject the existence of death. People who start contemplating death and wondering about eternal life and the fact that they can conceive of it, start getting thoughts that God exists. The way of atheism rejects the idea of eternal life and any notion of a Creator. You must believe the lie that chance creates everything—do not consider that the rule of chance defies that fact the Earth spins every day, the Moon circles the Earth every month, and together they both circuit the Sun every year, and have been doing this for eons.

By the way, do not fall for ideas that people experience suffering, injustice, evil or any such thing. If these phenomena did exist, the Creator could not exist; because if He did, He would not allow it to occur. Do not read the Bible; neither anything that suggests there is a Creator who created the Universe with a purpose. Nor should you read anything that suggests the Creator gave some of His creatures freewill. If you do, you might get ideas that freewill enables evil to exist, especially if individuals within the Creation decided to reject the goodness of the Creator. Stick to the bias that says evolution will explain why man is unable to overcome evil. Most of all, have nothing to do with Christians, you might find that one of them is a very genuine person who loves you.

Confirmation Bias Denies That Morality Is Real If It Is Absolute Because Sin’s Dead

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