Monday, July 31, 2017

THE APOCRYPHA IS CONSIDERED PSEUDIPIGRAPHA BY SOME WHO DO NOT REALIZE ITS VALUE. Yet The Apocrypha, Though Not Necessarily Inspired By God Is A Book Of History That Provides Some Valuable Information. Whether Roman Catholics care to read the Bible or those who possess one is another matter, but the Apocrypha does help in understanding Jewish history.

Actually the Apocrypha was not written 400 years before the time of Christ, that is, Lord Jesus Christ’s appearance on Earth. The books of Maccabees (1 & 2) record what occurred during the Jewish wars of the intervening centuries between Malachi and Matthew. Second Maccabees is believed to have probably been written around 124 BC at Alexandria, Egypt. The author is unknown, though in all probability, he was a Hellenized Jew, as the work was written in Greek.

The inclusion of the book in the canon of Scripture is not accepted by Protestants for a number of reasons. The main reason the Apocrypha is not accepted as part of the authorized canon is that though written before the time of John the Baptist, the books were not part of the Tanakh, the Jewish canon.

Although there are valid reasons as to why Protestants reject the inclusion of the Apocrypha, one reason for its exclusion accepted by some individuals is the Mosaic typology that points to sixty-six books being the written witness of God’s purpose for humans. The additional twenty-seven books of the received canon of the New Testament complete the number of books perceived as required for illumination of God’s truth.

The fact that the canonized books were the recognized canon around the end of the second century, and there are sixty-six of them, has to be more than coincidence. No evidence exists that suggests sixty-six books were chosen to conform to the typology found in Tabernacle of Moses. On the contrary, we see additional books added and referenced to support various doctrines that contradict the Law of God, which He wrote with His Own Finger.

What God Gave Moses Is What Was Planned For Humans To Find Purpose In Life

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