Monday, July 10, 2017

CRUSADERS WERE NOTHING MORE THAN MERCENARIES THAT WERE PAID TO PLAY SAINTS WHEN IN FACT ALL THEY WANTED WAS THE MONEY. The God Of This World Dominates Those Who Are Willing To Do His Work, The Crusaders Enabled The Evil One To Dominate Even More. Little do people know that this was foreknown by God who used them to bring about His purpose and plan.

also are there accounts of mixed (half european) crusaders?

Harry Riches
Happy Riches Answer requested by Claudia Fiore

Europeans are a mixture of many races from what I can gather. So I would have to say that there would have been mixed breeds taking part in the Crusades.

From what I understand, the Crusaders were mercenaries who saw a way of making money from what they did, as they plundered and raped those whom they conquered. People with that mindset will use whoever they can, whenever they can, for whatever they can. Therefore it is no surprise that from the Crusades international banking originated.— Now international banking and what it means for everyone of us today is an interesting topic indeed.

Crusades Come In Many Forms And Involve Many People, But Some Are Truly Worthy

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