Sunday, July 2, 2017

AN ERRONEOUS CONSCIOUS IS LIKE A HARD DRIVE INFECTED WITH A VIRUS. The Similarity To The Conscience Being Produced By Virtual Reality Is Scary When One Thinks About It. A conscience is in many ways like being programmed with the ability to read "0" and "1".

The word “conscience” means “joint knowledge”, but not knowledge of one's joints.

What possessing a conscience effectively means is people have a knowledge of right and wrong. The conscience is an inherent faculty that humans possess that enables them to distinguish right from wrong. Of course, this means possessing knowledge. Therefore erroneous concepts of right and wrong corrupt our conscience just as much as searing it does when denying the truth.

Truth is realized when we encounter pain. If someone hurts us, then that is painful. We can injure ourselves and the pain will usually disappear with the contusion. But when it comes to emotive pain, this does not disappear so easily. For a bruised leg will heal in a week or two, if not days; in comparison, a bruised ego will hurt for months, even years—in fact, every time the circumstances are revisited that caused the bruising.

Our conscience tells us that for people to hurt others is wrong, because we ourselves do not like being hurt. This applies to physical and emotional harm. Yet people willingly delight in the suffering of other people because they obtain some pleasure from this. Children are reported being traumatized as their mothers are raped by men because they see this as religiously acceptable. The sodomizing of children is painful for the child but apparently pleasurable for the sodomite.

Once a person understands that the conscience is really the recognition of what is wrong or right to do regarding our fellow humans, then erroneous concepts can be rectified. This will require turning away from preconceived or erroneously accepted ideas of what is right and what is unacceptable. However, unless there is a standard by which morality can be measured against, then there is no point in having a conscience.

A conscience that it inclined to shift is not really a knowledge of right or wrong, rather it is a distorted perception of reality. Reality begins by acknowledging that only fools think that they were born to die and there is no purpose for our existence. The wise acknowledge their inadequacy when it comes to overcoming death and the futility of possessing the knowledge of eternity but the inability to experience its possession. Moreover, the wise acknowledge that if the knowledge of right and wrong exists, in all probability, there is an eternal judge.

True knowledge enables us to deal with an erroneous conscience. True knowledge begins when we recognize evil for what it is and then seek answers outside of the theories and philosophies of mere mortals who have no real answers, merely guesses. The only hope we have of discovering truth is if there is a eternal standard. As it happens, there is. Buddha acknowledged the suffering that exists in this world. Moses was given the reason why.

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