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THE GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT OF CONSTANTINE THE GREAT WAS NOT TO MAKE THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH THE EMPIRE'S OFFICIAL RELIGION. Many Like To Think That This Was His Greatest Achievement But In Effect This Served To Temper The Zeal Of The Christian Witness. Persecution causes more people to come to know Lord Jesus Christ as they see Christians willingly be martyrs because they know they possess the assurance of eternal life.

Constantine the Great ruled a part of the Roman Empire from 306, when his father died until 337AD. Making Christianity the official religion of early Europe might be considered his greatest achievement. When he became Emperor of the western provinces Christianity was still being persecuted. Over twenty years he reunified the Empire, moved its capital to a new city, Constantinople (now Istanbul), establishing the Eastern Roman Empire, which would survive for more than a thousand years. But still, turning Christianity from a cult into the official religion of much of Europe, an affect felt to this day, could certainly be considered as his greatest achievement.

Harry Riches

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When one speaks of someone’s greatest achievement, immediately the idea springs to mind that something of significance is meant that is worthy of emulation. But to consider the compromise of purity with impurity a great achievement would be akin to extolling the virtues of causing one’s flesh to rot so maggots could feed and possibly bring about healing.

Constantine is heralded as being instrumental in melding Christianity with the world. Merging the gospel of salvation with worldly political rule is not the same as aspiring to clean up disease and securing a land of promise where righteousness dwells.

Constantine may have been an emperor, but Rome was a republic up until 27 BC, and even if called a dictatorship thereafter, no emperor could rule without the support of the Roman Senate. Constantine merely executed executive orders in the fashion a United States President can and does.

The religion of Rome was Babylonian. The Roman emperors (including Constantine) continued to hold the office of Pontifex Maximus until 376 when Gratian, for Christian reasons, refused it. The office of Pontifex Maximus (the head of the college of priests —similar to the Pope) survived from 509 BC: Gaius Papirius until Constantine.  The Emperor Gratian (375–383) abolished the office of Pontifex Maximus. Presumably, Gratian thought the title was unworthy of being Christian. For the Holy Spirit is the representative of Lord Jesus Christ on Earth, and He indwells all who are Christian. To possess the title of Pontifex Maximus would be equivalent to claiming to be the Vicar of Christ on Earth. Nevertheless, the office was re-instituted. The title of Pontifex Maximus is assumed by the current Pope.

What many like to call mythology is really the Babylonian mother-child cult that began with Semiramis and Nimrod and has found various expressions throughout the world. Roman mythology would have a significant influence on the empire - politically and socially - as well as on the future of western civilization. Constantine did not abolish the old ways of the world for the new ways of the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.

The greatest effect the gospel was having upon the Empire was when Nero was killing Christians and spectators were converting because of the peace and assurance that they saw believers had in Lord Jesus Christ. Constantine was able to ensure that this did not happen. Instead a system of control was introduced, whereby the priests operated as spies in the confessional system and the Roman Church has been able to extend its influence throughout the world. Many think that the influence of the Roman Catholic Church has diminished in this day and age, but wealth is not passing hands from Church authorities into the masses, and neither is its wealth being confiscated. Instead the Roman Catholic Church is known as the wealthiest corporation that exists on Earth. The Roman Catholic Church is even rumored to be the creator of Islam.

Many would contend that Constantine’s incorporation of the Christian Church within the Roman Empire, as the state religion, was no great achievement but a travesty of what was good, right and true—an attempt to hijack the Gospel of Lord Jesus Christ, inspired by the god of this world. Nothing has changed. Even today the Pope speaks as if all roads lead to Rome. The only way Constantine’s incorporation of Christianity as the Roman Empire’s state religion could be considered his greatest achievement is if a person were on the side of the god of this world and opposed to the Gospel of Christ—The Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis provides insight in respect to this.

The Only Words Written By The Finger Of God Has The Pontifex Maximus’ Number

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