Thursday, June 15, 2017

ATHEISTS REALLY LOVE TO KNOW ABOUT GOD BUT THEY HAVE DIFFICULTY ACKNOWLEDGING THE TRUTH ABOUT THEMSELVES. Pride Fills People With All Sorts Of Self-delusion Therefore Most Atheists Suffer Inner Conflict Unless They Flee From Facing The Truth. Convincing an atheist the reality of life is a matter of life and death often occurs as they approach the end of their days when the reality of existence is about to hit home.

The irony about atheists is many of them claim that “faith” is something that is not based on evidence. Yet without real proof—true scientific proof—they put their faith in various theories as explanations for their worldview. The ignorant overlook the fact that faith is based on proof. Nobody has much faith in anything that they do not really believe. But proof is not always required, because many believe lies and put their faith in them.

Wishful thinking, which is what many people who claim to be scientific do, is based upon a mere belief. Atheists are easily fooled. Present yourself as ungodly and tell them any lie and they will believe it. Present the truth (real evidence) to them and they will reject it, because they do not want to believe it. Their minds are controlled by the god of this world, yet they do not know it, because he does not want to become wise.

Atheists are like fish in a massive ocean that discover they are in a small pond at low tide and think they know it all.

Atheists are beloved by those who control the affairs of this world. Those who control the real power, believe in the god of this world and worship him. Whereas, their atheist minions do the dirty work for them and teach their students that there is no such thing as a Savior; especially one who rose from the dead. To seek Him out is to make yourself look like a fool. Consequently, those who possess sponges for gullibility believe them.

However, if you want to convince a person in your family to believe in the true God, Lord Jesus Christ, let Him shine through your life. The light that shines in the darkness will win through. Action is more powerful than words.

Actually, there was a man by name of Roland Buck (1918 - 1979), a pastor from Boise, Idaho, who entertained angels in his home. Angels apparently visited him twenty-seven times. One of the angels told him, all Christians had to do was to walk in the righteousness of God and the angels would do their best to cause the rest of their family to be drawn to the light—recorded in the book Angels on Assignment.

The trouble for most Christians is they believe the lie that they can violate the laws of God—which they do not even know—and God will hear their prayers. Yet the Bible says that the people of God perish because of their lack of knowledge. How true!

The best way to convince somebody that what you have is real can only be by demonstration. In your case, demonstrate that what you have is the true light. Those who desire the truth will confess that they are in the darkness and need to repent, so they can walk in the light. Those who are too ashamed to admit who they really are (fools living a futile life truncated by death) will flee from the light; as will those who do not want to confess they have been violating the commandments of God.

Many Are Those Who Boast Of Their Beliefs Claiming They Are Scientific, Yet Are Not

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